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      5 Financial Moves You Must Make Before Your Baby Arrives

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      5 Financial Moves You Must Make Before Your Baby Arrives

      Updated on 18 March 2023

      Nothing gives more happiness to a couple than the fact that they are all set to welcome a baby into their lives. Along with the moment of happiness, it should also be a movement of financial planning for the growing family.

      If you do proper financial planning for the coming child in time, you will become responsible and happier parents. It can give your child a financially secure and happy life. Moreover, you get a chance to give your baby a better future to your survivors as well as become a good person. However, a better future for your baby is possible only with timely financial planning.

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      Financial Planning to Consider for Your Growing Family

      Here are five important financial planning moves you must consider making before your little one arrives for a stress-free and financially secure life ahead:

      1. Check Your Finances Closely

      If you are expecting a child, then you must take care of your financial status first. You should thoroughly analyze your income, expenses, debts, and other financial obligations. Make a personal budget so that you can plan better savings to pay for your child's expenses. You can check your finances based on your assets and liabilities.

      2. Review your parental leave

      If you are working then you must also review Maternity and Paternity Leave. Most companies in India offer paid maternity leave for 180 days but only a few offer paid paternity leave. So, it's important to enquire about the provisions for parental leave in your organisation. And if you have to take some unpaid time off, then you must plan accordingly.

      3. Brush up your insurance expertise

      If you are bringing a new life into this world, then it's essential to insure the new life too. You can choose a suitable insurance policy for your upcoming child, and make a proper payment arrangement for the instalments. It can pay you 50-100% of the earnings lost during pregnancy and childbirth.

      4. Make a proper baby budget

      If you have proper knowledge about your financial health and childbearing expenses, then you can make it a part of your financial plan by making a proper budget for that too. You can also use Mylo's helpful baby expenditure tool to keep a track record of all your baby's expenses. This will not only give you financial insight into your life with a baby but also help you track and minimise your expenses.

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      5. Start saving for your child's education

      While it may not feel like an immediate priority, the sooner you start saving for your child's school and college tuition, the more options your child will have. A common way to save for kids’ education is by investing in tax-advantaged savings plans. So, start researching and begin investing as soon as you find an appropriate investment avenue for your family.

      Becoming a parent is the most challenging and life-changing event of anyone's life. You are not only responsible for yourself and your partner but also for a little one. To give a better nay the best life to your child, you must make proper financial planning for your growing family.

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