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    Daddy-Baby bonding from Pregnancy to Childbirth: Top 7 tips for you

    Written on 24 June 2021

    Daddy-Baby Bond: From Pregnancy to Childbirth

    Bonding with a child can seem a lot more difficult than you might think. The number of skills that you already possess will surprise you. These skills make you a natural caregiver while taking care of the bonding with your baby. You can try some simple suggestions in building on those skills and help in creating the father-baby bond in minimum time.

    Bonding with Your Baby During Pregnancy

    You can kick-start the bonding by using a few of the following suggestions:

    1. Paying Prenatal Doctor Visits

    One of the best ways to start the father-baby bond before birth is to join the partner at prenatal appointments. You can hear your baby’s heartbeat, see your baby’s movement on the ultrasound screen and hear development updates from the doctor or clinician.

    2. Taking Care of Mom

    Take better care of your partner. The more comfortable the mom, the happier your baby is. If you are confused about how to help your partner, do not hesitate to ask her. Try to take on some new responsibilities and lighten the mother’s burden of responsibilities. Allowing the mother a break will help her relax. Besides, you will get some quality time with your baby before its arrival.

    3. Learn about Pregnancy

    If you are aware of your baby’s growth and the milestones you need to go ahead can help you remain more connected to the little one. Ensure to learn about what the mother is going through. Remember, being pregnant is hard, and the dad needs to understand the needs and requirements of mom and baby.

    4. Preparing for the Birth

    On the big day, you have a big role during the labor and delivery process. Try to involve yourself in the planning and preparation, which will help you take more fatherly responsibilities before the baby is born.

    Bonding with Your Baby after Childbirth

    1. Talk to Baby

    Your baby can recognize your voice after the age of one week. Talking to your baby will strengthen language development and help their brain to understand your language. Your baby starts to learn the speech patterns and tone, which you might hear them mimic as soon as they start talking.

    2. Take Part during Meals

    Although mealtimes are mostly between your baby and the mother, especially when the mother is breastfeeding, however, you can also involve in the activity. During the first month, your baby feeds between eight to twelve times a day. You can carry the baby to and from mealtimes, which establishes bonding between you and your baby.

    3. Diaper Dad

    Taking over some of the responsibilities helps in strengthening your baby’s relationship with you. For example, you can take over the duty of changing the diapers. It is something you can do from the first day. It helps in sharing the responsibilities of the mother and enhances bonding with your baby.


    While you try bonding with your baby, it can be overwhelming at first, and instincts will take over. Try to understand the feelings of anxiety and sadness that are normal for new parents. If you feel discomfort and remain depressed, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

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