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    How Can Dads Calm A Fussy Toddler

    Written on 20 July 2021

    Being a father for the first time is already a very big responsibility that one takes upon his shoulder. Then again, managing life, work, and babies all together is no less than a challenge. When all this work crashes together and you somehow manage to balance it, the difficulty level increases when you need to calm your finicky toddler.

    Why do toddlers cry?

    First of all, crying or being fussy is completely normal for a child. It happens due to various reasons and the main job is to decipher the reason and work accordingly. There are few things that a dad or a father can do to calm their child.

    • Check whether your child is hungry or not. A newborn approximately need 12 bottles of milk in a day. So, there is a high chance that the baby is hungry. Feed him and see if he calms down.

    • Checking whether they have a dirty or sluggish diaper. Being wet and dirty can make them very uncomfortable and can be a big reason for fussiness.

    • At an early age babies generally consume liquid. Consumption of too much liquid thus traps the air inside their stomach. This makes it difficult to breathe and makes them restless. You can carry them on your shoulder and give them gentle taps at the back. This will help the baby to give baby burps which will release the trapped air and make them comfortable.

    • Babies often do get bored. To get them active, play games with them, give them a little sway while carrying them in your arms, walk and run with them. Try communicating and make them do work accordingly.

    • Babies need to sleep at least fourteen to seventeen hours. They mostly take naps at frequent intervals. Sometimes they do feel fatigued. If your baby is crying, let that bundle of joy lay down comfortably and let them rest.

    • Newborns often need the warmth of their parents. So cover them up with clean clothes and cuddle them to sleep. This helps you to bond with your baby and enhances the connection.

    • Lastly, we can always sing a song or recite a poem for our little ones to calm them down.


    A father is always the hero of his children. No matter what, nobody can care, support and love us the way our father does. Similarly, being a father it is our responsibility to check that we can reach out to our children under every circumstance. We can make little efforts like massaging the back of our babies, filling up a tub with lukewarm water, and helping them to take a bath, playing with them, swaying, and gliding with them. These little genuine efforts strengthen the bond and help to create memories.

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