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    What to do if your toddler is overweight?

    Written on 6 May 2021

    Expert Verified

    Dt. Mansi Goyal

    Specializes in Critical Gestational Diabetes, PCOS Patients - BSC| MSC (Home Science, Food & Nutrition)

    Which parent wouldn't be happy seeing their munchkin put on weight? But how much weight is good weight? And how much is worrisome?

    As per The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you need to calculate your baby's BMI (Body Mass Index) to conclude if your baby is overweight or not. All you have to is enter your baby's exact height and weight measurement into CDC's BMI Percentile Calculator. What you will get is your baby's BMI Percentile in accordance with his age and gender.

    Your baby is termed overweight if they are at or above the 85th percentile and obese if he is at or above the 95th percentile.

    Causes of an overweight toddler

    • Irregular meal time: if your child does not have a proper meal schedule and eats all through the day, it can be one reason why your baby is putting on excess weight.

    • Portion size: eating more than what your baby needs can be a problem in the long run. The larger the portion size, the more the calorie intake. If the calorie intake is more, your child's weight is obvious to skyrocket.

    • Lack of physical exercise: Having limited screen time is essential for a child's growth. Experts recommend 3 hours of physical activity for kids. Of course, the 3 hours don't have to be continuous but can be broken down into small sessions.

    • Hereditary: excess weight can also be hereditary, that is, genetic. If parents are overweight, there is a full chance that they may pass this to their child.

    What can you do if your baby is overweight?

    • Take care of your baby's nutritional needs. Ensure that you concentrate on healthy food options such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy foods. Try avoiding junk food, processed food, fizzy drinks/soda, high-fat foods, sweets, and sugar.

    • Suppose your baby is bottle fed with cow milk; cut down on the milk. 350ml to 400ml of cow milk is more than sufficient for your child.

    • Have six mini-meals in a day instead of 3 big ones. This will protect your baby from overeating.

    • Avoid bribing your child with treats. This makes your baby a picky eater but also spoils his food habits.

    • Limit your baby's screen time. One hour a day or less looks more than enough for a baby. If possible, ban it completely.

    • Try and play with your child. Keep him physically active. You can take your baby for a walk or even to a park. Cycling is a good option too.

    • Ensure proper sleep patterns for your child. If your baby is not sleeping properly, this may be one reason why they are putting on some extra weight.

    Now that you know the reasons as to why your baby is overweight and also the solutions for the same, it is time to gear up and get yourself in action, a super Mommy mode!

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    Verified Article by

    Dt. Mansi Goyal

    Specializes in Critical Gestational Diabetes, PCOS Patients - BSC| MSC (Home Science, Food & Nutrition)
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