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    Physical Growth

    Running & Jumping Milestones for your toddler

    Written on 21 May 2021

    As a parent, you just can't wait for your child to be reaching all the milestones one by one. It is super exciting to see your baby's first steps, first smile and all the other firsts well. So, once your baby begins to walk at around 12-15 months, your baby will slowly begin to learn to jump and run around because by now, your baby's movements are more balanced. Everything happens at its own pace making your child ready to take on the world!

    Well, as excited as you are, once your baby starts jumping and running around, you will see yourself running behind your baby because your baby would be jumping anywhere and everywhere!

    So, when can you expect your baby to jump and run around? Let's take a look at running and jumping milestones for your toddler:

    Running milestones

    • Your baby will be able to pick up a little speed while toddling when they are 18 months old. They can now run only in a straight line and won't run across any obstacles that come their way.

    • By the time your baby is 2-2.5 years old, your baby will be able to ace the running game!

    Jumping milestones

    Jumping could be a more significant challenge when compared to running. Your baby will need more balance, courage, strength, and coordination to jump, which will happen at their own pace. Right from when your baby turns a year old, their efforts to jump or shift weights from one foot to the other start. By the time your baby turns 2, they will be able to jump from mighty low levels like the last stair of the staircase. Talk about your baby's jumping skills when they are 26-30 months old; you would be surprised to see from where your baby can jump. Some kids can even start to jump from as early as 21 months!

    There may be milestones for your baby, but you do not have to stress or tension if your baby is not in coordination with the milestone calendar. Each baby is different, and so is their developmental milestones. However, if your baby shows extremely delayed development, you should consult a doctor!

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