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    Sex During The First 3 Months Of Pregnancy

    Updated on 10 November 2022


    Sex is a healthy and natural activity integral to a loving relationship between partners. When a couple wants to procreate, they need to get physically intimate and have sex. But what about sex while the woman is pregnant?

    If you are newly pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you may have the burning question – is it okay to have sex during the first 3 months of pregnancy? For most women, the answer is YES. As long as you have a normal pregnancy without any complications, having sex during 1st trimester and in the other two trimesters is safe until your water breaks. However, it is always better to run this past your gynaecologist.

    Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?

    In most cases, young parents-to-be hesitate to ask questions about sex during pregnancy. Unless the pregnancy is high-risk and your doctor advises otherwise, having sexual intercourse during pregnancy is safe. Sex does not hurt you or your baby. Amniotic fluid in the uterus can protect the baby during sexual intercourse. Moreover, the mucus plug protects the baby, which covers your cervix and guards against infections.

    Is It Safe To Have Sex During The First Trimester of Pregnancy?

    Since the first trimester or the first three months of pregnancy is crucial, it is essential to know whether having sex in this time would be safe enough. Most newly-pregnant women want to know this as they often feel excessively queasy. Feeling nauseous is a quite common complaint, specifically in the first trimester. More than three-fourth of women undergo the problem of morning sickness, which occurs due to the reaction of the pregnancy hormone HCG.

    So, you can hang in there if you feel tired in the first few weeks of pregnancy due to morning sickness. Once you start feeling like yourself again (morning sickness ends by week 12 to 14) or redevelop your sexual urge, only then should you go for it. In short, having sex through your pregnancy, including sex in the first trimester of pregnancy, is safe.

    When Is Sex During Pregnancy Unsafe?

    Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is safe unless your doctor or healthcare provider advises you regarding a high-risk pregnancy.

    Below are some specific situations during which sex during 1st month of pregnancy, as well as the rest of the pregnancy period, should be avoided –

    • When you have a history of miscarriage.
    • When you are pregnant with multiple children like twins and triplets.
    • When you have a record of premature birth or labour.
    • When you can experience signs of preterm labour during this pregnancy.
    • If you experience vaginal bleeding or excessive discharge.
    • If the doctor finds an incompetent cervix, or placenta previa, or a low-lying placenta.
    • If the water is broken.
    • If any sexually transmitted disease infects you or your partner.

    Please note: When discussing sex in the first month of pregnancy, we are talking about vaginal sex. Anal sex is not recommended to try during pregnancy.

    Advantages of Sexual Intercourse During Pregnancy in the First Trimester

    Let’s dig deeper to explore the benefits of pregnancy in the first trimester –

    Besides having sex during the first trimester for pure fun, you can also get other possible benefits that include:

    • Increased sensitivity

    The increased blood flow to the vulva can make sexual intercourse better than ever during the first trimester.

    • Staying energetic

    Sexual intercourse burns calories, which can help you stay more active and keep fit during that specific time.

    • Better orgasms

    As you can feel the increased blood flow through the genital area during pregnancy, the chances are high that you can have a better orgasm in this phrase.

    • Better sleep

    We have to admit that pregnancy and sleep don’t go together, whereas your post-coital relaxation may result in better sleep for you and your partner.

    • More feel-good hormones

    Due to the presence of oxytocin that is released during orgasm, you may feel calmer and more tender after sexual intercourse. As a result, you can feel happy and relaxed.

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    Tips for Sex In Pregnancy In The First Trimester

    Here are some practical suggestions for sexual satisfaction during the early phase of pregnancy:

    Sexual Positioning

    The feeling of sexuality may vary from person to person. While some find it more enjoyable during pregnancy, others find it less comfortable due to the changes in their body after pregnancy. The ideal positions for sexual intercourse during early pregnancy are –

    Side-lying while the partner behind the woman

    • Woman-on-top
    • Woman sitting on her partner’s lap
    • Woman on hands and knees while partner is behind


    • Lubricated condom
    • Water-soluble lubricant jelly
    • Avoid baby oil or Vaseline

    Alternatives to Sexual Intercourse During Pregnancy

    Having sex to love and be loved with your partner is not always necessary. You can also try these alternatives for seeking intimacy during your pregnancy.

    • Cuddling

    • Kissing

    • Body massage

    • Oral sex

    • Mutual masturbation

    Key Takeaways

    In brief, you can have sex during the first week of pregnancy or sex during the first 2 months of pregnancy unless your healthcare provider advises you otherwise. Pay attention to your body and mind and make some adjustments to enjoy the experience to the fullest.


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