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    First Trimester

    Here's a complete first-trimester to-do list with some helpful tips. 

    Written on 28 June 2018

    After seeing those two red lines on your home pregnancy test you might immediately rush to your gynecologist to get the confirmation. No doubt it’s a piece of thrilling news when you have a baby on the way but for that, your doctor will ask you to undergo a blood test that can detect and confirm your pregnancy. The rip-roaring news will leave you overwhelmed and it’s inevitable to have a flood of questions in your mind. If you are well-connected with your doctor and have prepared a to-do list for each trimester then you can sail smoothly through your entire journey of pregnancy. To pave the way for your other two trimesters, here’s a complete to-do list for your first trimester:

    • Reassure yourself- Almost all home pregnancy test kits can successfully detect the presence of hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) in your urine. It is also one of the reliable, inexpensive, and easy to use methods to get confirmation. After missing your periods, the presence of hCG hormone will be there in your urine after one week. If you suspect you are pregnant after missing your periods then your doctor might ask you to undergo a blood test and that will assure you of your pregnancy.

    • Find an experienced OB/GYN- You must choose a medical professional that you can comfortably trust on. A lot of mental and physical changes will happen to your body so you must avoid changing doctors. Don’t hesitate on sharing your medical history with your doctor. Always remember you don’t need a second opinion until there is any complication or any kind of emergency.

    • Schedule prenatal appointment- First things first- your doctor will ask you the day of your last period because that helps them in determining your due date. You must schedule your prenatal appointments in advance with the doctor. It’s important to be careful during your first trimester because that will help in making your rest of the journey smooth.

    • Consult about any current medication- You must not hide anything from your doctor be it your illness or the prescribed medication you were ever put on. You must consult with your doctor if you were taking any kind of multi-vitamins, herbs, or supplements.

    • Start prenatal multi-vitamins- To make sure your baby develops healthily in the womb your doctor might put you on different supplements or multi-vitamins. Folic acid plays a vital role in preventing NTD (Neural tube defects) and other serious birth defects that can occur in the spine or the brain of the fetus. The doctor will also recommend you to take a diet rich in calcium, iron, and fiber along with multi-vitamins.

    • Investigate health insurance- Along with mental and bodily changes you need huge amounts of money to spend on medicines, prenatal care, tests, doctor’s fees, etc. You must choose a health insurance plan that covers all because that will reduce your stress in the future and it will cover all the expenses related to pregnancy and childbirth. You must prepare a baby budget after discussing it with your partner.

    • Quit smoking and drinking- If you are habitual to smoking then you must quit it because smoking during pregnancy may lead to miscarriages, preterm birth, and placental problems. Smoking slows down the growth of the fetus and also results in infant deaths and stillbirths. You have to be careful while consuming alcohol during your pregnancy because it causes low birth weight in the babies and later when children grow up, they might have to face problems with learning speech and language and might develop ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

    • Cut down on caffeine- If you are too addicted to caffeine then you might have to cut down on your coffee and tea because that causes dehydration, increased blood pressure levels, and heart rate in your pregnancy. The unborn child might not be able to handle your intake of caffeine which is also present in chocolates, aerated drinks, coffee, and tea.

    • Make sure your activities are pregnancy-safe- Expecting mothers who work in an environment where they are constantly exposed to hazardous chemicals should be careful. You must discuss your daily routine with the doctor and if he/she suggests you to make changes in your job or lifestyle then you must do the amendments keeping your baby’s health in mind.

    • Keep a balanced diet- In the phase of morning sickness and dizziness, you must not forget to consume a nutritionally balanced diet. It's important to give plenty of rest and fluids to your body. You must not stop going for a walk also to improve your digestive system during pregnancy.

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