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    Getting Pregnant

    Why can’t some women conceive naturally? Know the reasons behind it and some easy ways to get pregnant without complications 

    Written on 9 December 2021

    If you have been trying for a long time to get pregnant but not being able to conceive, then check out this post. Well, we can completely understand the feelings you are currently going through. You are just eagerly waiting for the day when your doctor gives you the good news that you are PREGNANT.

    5 Possible reasons you may not get pregnant

    Here are five major reasons.

    Have Sex often

    One of the reasons you are unable to conceive is you are having less sex. As per fertility doctors, around 80% of couples can conceive after six months of regular intercourse.

    You’re not ovulating

    Remember, if you are doing intercourse during the ovulating period, you won’t get pregnant. Anovulation is a major reason among women if they can’t conceive, and it can be of many reasons.

    PCOS is a common issue in anovulation. Most women are diagnosed with PCOS/PCOD; if you are also one, then choose Mylo PCOS diet plan to control it right now and reduce its effects.

    If a male is infertile

    It often seems that women are always considered as a major reason for not being pregnant. But in many cases, males are the biggest reasons that affect the women’s capability to conceive. However, male infertility refers to the poor quality of sperm. Get a consultation done with your doctor to have a clear idea of the issues.

    Age Infertility

    Age affects the quality of eggs; this further increases the risks of infertility and major problems like miscarriage.

    A problem in fallopian tubes

    Around 25% of females have a problem with fallopian tubes that causes infertility. Uterine structure and blocked fallopian tubes are the common reasons. In case you don’t know about fallopian tubes, consult your doctor about it.

    The Bottom Line

    These are the most common reasons for female infertility. If you have PCOS, then check out Mylo’s PCOS diet plan to prevent its symptoms and get pregnant. Also, we recommend you get a professional health check-up from the best gynaecologist near you to know the reasons behind the issues.

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