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    Pregnancy Bump

    What is the truth about the size of a pregnant belly? Let’s know more about the reasons behind it.   

    Written on 14 August 2018

    Most of the women will agree that whenever their baby bump becomes noticeable, everyone around them has a different opinion about it. The significant changes that happen to your belly will no doubt make you curious and you might want to know every little detail about your unborn child. It's good to hear all the experiences of your loved ones of their respective pregnancies however before anyone puts you into the dilemma you should know how much growth of the belly is good. If you’re not obese then you don’t have to worry about anything. All you have to do is just don’t miss your prenatal appointments with your gynecologist. Whether big or small, the size of your belly won’t be equal to the size of the baby. The following factors will determine the size of your abdomen during pregnancy:

    • Height of the mother- If the pregnant woman is tall then the baby has enough space to grow upwards. If the pregnant woman is short-heightened then the space between your hip and the lowest rib is less and thus it pushes the belly outwards rather than upwards. Your baby bump will become noticeable earlier and will appear bigger if you are petite whereas being tall and having a long abdomen will make your uterus grow upwards not outwards hence it will make your baby bump appear smaller.

    • Baby’s position- Babies are quite active inside the womb and they just keep changing their positions frequently. Up to the end of the second trimester, you might also get aware of the movements of your baby. Usually, during the last trimester, the baby prefers to take a head-down position. While moving their backs from one side to another the baby might move into a posterior position (baby’s back against the mother’s back) and this will change the shape and the size of your belly.

    • A lack of internal space- The other internal organs like the placenta, fluid, and cord have to fit somewhere when a baby is growing inside you. The growing uterus will be pushed behind and the intestines will be moved aside by making your belly appear bigger.

    • Your first pregnancy- If you have conceived for the first time then your stiff abdominal muscles will make your uterus compact because they haven’t stretched before. Before pregnancy, they are usually tight and toned. This can make your baby bump look smaller than what is expected.

    • Earlier pregnancies- The growing baby can easily accommodate if you are pregnant for the second time. After the child's birth, the abdomen muscles of the mother are flexible enough to expand and this makes your baby bump looks bigger. The size of the baby is not impacted by an altered body of your previous pregnancy. An athletic woman can easily regain muscle tone by working out and that makes the belly appear compact during the pregnancy.

    • Amniotic fluid- The excess of amniotic fluid will make your belly look bigger. The level of amniotic fluid usually fluctuates during pregnancy. Amniotic fluid is naturally produced in the first 20 weeks and after that, it is either lung secretion or the urine output of the baby. Excess or not enough amniotic fluid can create several complications during pregnancy and it influences the size of your belly as well.

    • Your baby’s size- The size of the baby can also make your belly look bigger. Genetics plays a vital role in defining the size of your baby. If the would-be-parents are tall then the baby will probably have similar traits. The intake of a nutritional balanced diet of the mother will also impact the weight of the baby. The baby may grow less if the mother is suffering from any chronic illness or is not consuming healthy foods. If the pregnant woman is suffering from gestational diabetes, then the belly will appear bigger.

    You may have a large belly because of some swelling or if you are overweight. You must seek medical help if there is something unusual.

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