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    First Trimester

    14 Lifesavers For Your First Trimester

    Written on 14 August 2018

    If you have recently become a new mommy, then congratulations! There is no doubt that the upcoming months are sure to bring in a lot of new beginnings. However, there are a few things that may be important for you to know. To begin with, your body will be going through many changes during your first trimester of pregnancy.

    Best Lifesavers For Your First Trimester

    Yes! Your first trimester weeks will bring in numerous mixed emotions like happiness, surprises, fear, anticipation, anxiety, and stress. In fact, there might be times when you may not know how to cope with the present situations. So, settle down from those emotions gradually and concentrate on adapting to the new changes. The 14 lifesavers for your first trimester are listed below for your convenience.

    Morning Sickness:

    This is one of the most common symptoms in the first trimester and many new moms find it difficult to surmount. You can consider alleviating feelings of stress by consuming prenatal vitamins as well. Apart from that, smelling lemon at home or having ginger/ honey mixed with warm water could also help morning sickness.

    Although this is a common symptom, it is still important that you visit your doctor to ensure that the condition you are suffering from is not hyperemesis gravidarum. In an extreme situation, one may experience persistent vomiting that could eventually lead to dehydration or even electrolyte imbalances.


    Always keep your body hydrated. Use the water Reminder app or set an alarm to intake water regularly. You can also consider having coconut water. Thus, this is because coconut water contains potassium which can help in preventing dehydration. Apart from that, make sure to drink at least 9 to 13 glasses of water every day.

    Sometimes, the hormonal fluctuations caused due to pregnancy can lead to a quick loss of fluids from the body. Thus, this can also increase the rate of loss of electrolytes from the body. Therefore, one will need to constantly cater to their body’s water requirements, especially during pregnancy, when the needs are normally increased.

    Comfy Sleep:

    Few moms find it difficult to identify a better sleep position. One may also have to encounter insomnia thus eventually having to go through sleep deprivation. To have a comfortable sleep, consider purchasing maternity pillows or listening to soothing music.

    Apart from that, there are numerous other things that you can do to sleep peacefully. Lying on your left side can help in increased blood flow to the uterus as well as the fetus. However, sleeping on the right side or even on the back can cause blood flow, potentially harming the baby.

    Share the work:

    Moms usually feel tired of the changes in the hormones and the body and need some extra support from their partners. Therefore, consider sharing household work with your partners to reduce the burden on your body. Apart from that, you can also consider hiring a maid during this phase, since it can help you in various ways even after childbirth.

    As for office work, consider opting for maternity leave or flexible working hours. However, when you reach the 34-weeks pregnancy mark, consider resting as much as possible. Thus, this is because a new mom will need a lot of time to prepare herself before childbirth.

    Maintain a Planner:

    Maintaining a planner containing diet charts, new appointments as well as various other medical records could come in handy during this phase. Apart from that, when it comes to your pregnancy diet chart, make sure to follow it strictly. Keeping a weight gain record can also help you track your baby’s growth process.


    During your first month of pregnancy, your baby bump may not be very evident. Thus, in such situations, consider opting for loose and comfortable cotton clothes. Refrain from purchasing tight maternity clothes since these may not be quite comfortable.

    Indeed, pregnancy can be an important time in a woman’s life, where her body may go through numerous changes causing physical discomfort including back pain and sore muscles. Therefore, wearing comfortable clothes during this period can turn out to be very important. It can reduce discomfort as well as make it easier for you to tolerate various changes in your body.

    Attention to Bras:

    Your breasts may feel a bit sore or even achy. Apart from that, the size of your breasts may also increase in the next few months. To keep yourself prepared during these situations, consider purchasing new and comfortable bras.

    If your nipples are sore, you can consider massaging with various essential oils or even coconut oil. This will relieve the soreness. Comfortable maternity bras can also help you get through this phase of pregnancy.


    Make sure to keep yourself pampered during this phase, because once your baby is born, you may have to spend all your time with the child. Consider booking an appointment with your nutritionist to learn which foods can be nutritious for you as well as your baby during this phase. Indeed, eating healthy food can help you deliver a healthy baby.

    Self-care isn’t just related to what you eat or what you do, but it is also influenced by the kind of people you spend time with. You can plan out a fun evening with a few of your girlfriends or go on a date with your spouse!

    Maternity Books and Pregnancy Apps:

    Since this is a very new phase in your life, educating yourself could turn out to be very beneficial, especially in the long run. It is indeed high time to download a few pregnancy applications and get your queries cleared. Apart from that, you can also start reading a few maternity books.

    Joining pregnancy classes can also provide you with much-needed guidance. Pregnancy classes educate you on how to breastfeed your baby and cater to your child’s needs during the initial stages. Besides, these classes help you stay prepared before and after childbirth.

    Maintain a tracker:

    Keeping a track of your weight can help you keep the changes in your body under check. If you ever come across any change, make sure to seek medical advice. Sometimes, gaining a lot of weight during pregnancy can eventually lead to the birth of an overweight baby. Thus, this can result in various delivery complications, c-sections, or even obese children.


    If you had a skincare ritual before pregnancy, then it may be time to look into your skincare products during pregnancy. Thus, this is because one cannot continue using certain products during this phase. Some of the potential chemicals in the products may lead to miscarriages as well as other birth defects.

    For example, many doctors advice new mothers to stop using tretinoin during pregnancy. Tretinoin is potent retinol that is used for numerous skin conditions. Before changing your skincare products, consider getting in touch with your dermatologist to learn more about which products to use during pregnancy.


    This can turn out to be one of the most helpful activities during pregnancy. Since you cannot perform intense workouts, one may have to stick to light exercises. Besides, walking every day can help you stay relaxed, apart from calming your mind. Morning walks are usually considered the best during pregnancy.

    Other benefits of walking include reduced risk of gestational diabetes as well as c-section deliveries. Apart from that, you can also burn a lot of calories, thus eventually helping you keep your weight in total check!

    Healthy Mind:

    You cannot just focus on a healthy body when your mind also needs the same attention. A peaceful and healthy mind can turn out to be as important as a healthy body since it has a major impact on your baby’s overall growth.

    Mothers that suffer from depression, anxiety, or other mental health conditions might not take enough care of themselves. Apart from that, these conditions may get them to start using drugs or consuming alcohol during such a vulnerable phase. All these habits can then eventually harm the growing baby.

    Better Relationship:

    Although experiencing mood swings is quite common during pregnancy, you must consider enhancing your relationship with your partner since this can help you in easing out various situations.

    You can plan out romantic dates with your spouse or spend a weekend getaway together. Better relationships can also improve various mental health conditions during pregnancy.

    What Are The Common Problems Pregnant Women Usually Encounter During Their First Trimester?

    Some of the common problems that pregnant women usually experience in their 1st trimester include feeling crampy or encountering vaginal bleeding. In fact, it is also quite common for a miscarriage to occur during the first trimester. Besides, if you have already begun experiencing a miscarriage, there isn’t anything you can do to make it stop. Any treatment that you opt for will mostly focus on preventing infection as well as heavy bleeding.

    Apart from that, you may also feel tired all the time. It is quite common to sleep throughout an entire day. In fact, your family members may notice your sudden mood changes even for very silly reasons. All of these changes indicate your ongoing first trimester of pregnancy.

    What Foods Should You Consider Having In Your First Trimester?

    Your baby’s overall energy needs may not be very big during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. In fact, you must consider eating around 2000 calories every day during your initial trimester season. Yet again, your doctor may recommend either more or fewer calories depending on your physical activity status.

    Consider eating three meals every day, excluding a few snacks. Make sure to eat food that is both nutritious as well as tasty at the same time. This way, you will not have to worry about the portion of serving you consume.

    Today, numerous practitioners recommend foods that are a rich source of vitamins, macronutrients as well as minerals. All these nutrients are required for your baby’s overall development. A few of the foods for your first trimester diet are listed below for your convenience.

    Lean meat

    This is an excellent source of protein as well as iron. In fact, well-cooked lead meat such as steak, pork, chicken, and turkey offer nutrients that act as regenerative elements for human cells.


    Yogurt contains calcium as well as protein that is required for your baby’s developing bone structure. Consider opting for a product that contains very less added sugars, apart from a few ingredients.


    These are mostly soybean pods that contain protein, folate, iron as well as calcium.


    These vegetables offer a potent platter of beneficial nutrients such as vitamin K, C, E, and A as well as additional. It is also a rich source of folate and iron.


    Yes! Bananas indeed do act as excellent sources of potassium. However, make sure to not overeat them.

    What Can You Do To Alleviate Stress During This Period?

    If you are experiencing feelings of stress, anxiety, or even fatigue, then you may be in quite a “new phase” of your life. During this phase, you must give yourself the utmost priority. Make sure to take excellent care of yourself. Consider feasting on nutritional food daily. Apart from that, you may also need a lot of rest, exercise, and pampering.

    It is also important to completely quit smoking or alcohol during this phase since these habits can have quite a dangerous impact on your developing baby. You may also want to schedule time for yourself in order to avoid negative circumstances. Try to ask for help as much as possible during this stage.

    Taking stress for quite a long time can result in numerous health problems, including grave heart diseases as well as abnormal blood pressure. Besides, it can increase your risk of giving birth before your baby finishes its 37 weeks in the womb. In fact, it can also lead to the birth of underweight babies.


    Your first trimester is responsible for the majority of your baby’s growth. In fact, your baby’s overall body structure, as well as numerous organ systems, develop in the first three months of your pregnancy. Apart from that, miscarriages or birth defects may also be quite common. Since you are sure to go through first trimester body changes during this phase, consider embracing these changes with your whole heart. It is a guarantee that this will be one of the most memorable phases of your life!


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