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    Sex during the third trimester: Keep these things in mind

    Written on 28 July 2021

    Throughout the pregnancy, the pregnant women experience highs and lows concerning their sexual desires. Some women exclaim of experiencing multiple orgasms while the others exclaim of not feeling any sexual desire or needs during their pregnancy. Just like every woman has her own experience during pregnancy, the same goes for sex. Are you a couple about to enter the third trimester of your pregnancy? These are some things you must know:

    • Sex makes the women deliver early is a myth: We want to burst this myth of believing sex makes your wife deliver early. There is no impact of sex on the delivery date. Rather some doctors suggest that it was observed completely the opposite in some cases.

    • You might not be able to try all the positions: In the last trimester, your wife has a full-grown belly. This makes it uncomfortable or impossible to have sex in certain positions. But what do we think gives more pleasure? Trying new positions and not sticking to your personal favorites all the time.

    • Sex might feel uncomfortable to some couples: Some women tend to get self-conscious about their grown body and some men also take time adjusting to the changes and also keep speculating if their actions harm the baby. This makes the couple feel uncomfortable and so they avoid sex for some time. But as we say, you are free to choose the way you like certain things. Choosing to do sex or not is a personal choice and both are equally acceptable.

    • Involvement in sex keeps on reducing from seventh to ninth month for most couples: As the couples move from seventh to ninth month, the intensity of sex decreases, which is a very normal thing.

    • In case you experience spotting or abdominal cramps, stop immediately: if you think you experience serious issues while performing sex. It is advised to stop immediately and consult your doctor.

    • You are advised to stop sexual activities 4 weeks prior to labor: Couples are generally advised to stop indulging in any sexual activities 4 weeks before the estimated due date. This again also depends on the physical condition of the women.

    We hope you are going great with your pregnancy and are super excited to hold your baby soon!

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