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    Is it good to have sex without protection during the first trimester?

    Written on 28 July 2021

    Some couples stay so confused about sex and bring up so many questions making it hard to believe they are pregnant already. Are we allowed to have sex after getting pregnant? Of Course, yes! Will we harm the baby if we have sex? Hey? No! You have accurately placed uterus muscles and the amniotic fluid in the uterus to protect your baby. The baby does not get to know anything about your activity (Relax!). Keeping aside all the other silly questions, we will discuss if you can have sex without protection during the first trimester:

    • A big YES: You are already pregnant. So, you are definitely free of the stress if you want to plan a baby yet or not. We rather encourage you to have sex stress-free and explore all your fantasies without any protection intact.

    • Only if your relationship isn’t monogamous: women are recommended to use condoms when they want to make relations with a new partner while being pregnant or when their relationships are not monogamous. We also highly recommend that you consult your doctor as well.

    • If you have some complications in your pregnancy: Women that have complications in their pregnancy such as cervical weakness, the placenta is low-lying, or feelings of nausea and vomiting, etc. They are recommended to see a doctor and know If they are allowed to have sex in the first place.

    • Rare chances of superfetation: Couples that fear not using protection think they might get another pregnancy and so might have two babies I.e., superfetation. There are extremely rare couples that have experienced superfetation. We are sure you can avoid protection.

    • Enjoy and explore stress-free: Despite what your friends or mother tells you, you will not get pregnant again. We rather encourage that you take this is a chance to enjoy and explore your sexual desires stress-free.

    We hope you are surely planning onto which fantasy you are going to explore today STRESS-FREE!

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