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    How does an unclean home/environment impact the overall well-being of your baby?

    Written on 28 July 2021

    Household chores often take a back seat once you have a baby to take care of. Babies tend to take most of your time making you compromise with other chores. Most of the mothers are found to end up with no or insufficient time for cleaning. But I am sure you will agree with me that we cannot ignore the fact that cleaning must be a priority too. Let us know why is it more important than you think it is.

    • Pollen/ dust can affect the respiratory system: Babies are very sensitive to dust. If they are prone to dust and pollen for a long period that might affect their respiratory systems and can even cause asthma if that lasts for an even longer period.

    • Immature immune system: babies are more likely to fall sick in an unhealthy environment. The immune system of a newborn is not yet capable enough to protect them from dust and pathogens.

    • The Well-being of the baby: The well-being of the baby is the topmost priority for all mothers. Well-being let me tell you begins from clean surroundings. Keeping the home clean is making sure the baby is well cared for.

    • Clean floor for crawling: baby might not be allowed to crawl on the dirty floor as much as he wants to crawl. Crawling on a dirty floor makes the hands dirty and babies very often place the same hands at their face and mouth.

    • Reflects Lack of discipline in you as a mother: dirty home reflects the lack of discipline in your life too. I am sure you don’t want your baby to grow to notice that.

    • Organize the stuff at home to prevent babies from choking: If the stuff at home is not organized babies might reach to surfaces and things that they shouldn’t. They might touch the dump in the dustbins, laundry baskets, and try to put things in their mouth and end up choking.

    • You are your babies’ role model and they learn what they see: I am sure you want your babies to become mannered kids and teens. You are their role model for most of their lives. They will learn and imitate what you do intentionally and unintentionally. Teaching them cleanliness is one of the habits you might want them to follow.

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