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    Do you want easy transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding? Here are some tips to help you do it. 

    Feeding from a Bottle

    Do you want easy transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding? Here are some tips to help you do it. 

    Updated on 2 June 2022

    Expert Verified

    Kusum Sabharwal

    Obstetrician & Gynecologist - MBBS| DGO

    Breast to bottle is not an easy transition, and it takes a lot of time for a child to adjust.

    Doctors suggest giving mother milk to a child for a longer period to promote faster growth and better health as mother's milk is the best supplement for a child's overall growth.

    But now-a-days, mothers are also working women with the responsibility of contributing to the home finances, making her schedule hectic. No matter how hard you wish for things to be favourable for you to breastfeed your child for as long as possible, it is not often possible. As a result, mothers have to go for an early transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding children.

    Here are some quick tips that will help in a smooth transition.

    • Do not compromise on feeding accessories: When transitioning from breast to bottle, you must invest in proper accessories. Only buy the best quality bottles available in the market for feeding children. Also, the bottle nipple should be as soft as possible, so your child doesn't reject bottle-feeding altogether.

    • Slowly build the habit: From breastfeeding to bottle-feeding, this transition is huge for a baby. You cannot make an instant shift from the former to the latter. It will be better if you start to bottle feed him once a day and then gradually increase the ratio. Also, there are chances that he denies taking bottle feed. But there is no need to get frustrated. Try again after 5 to 10 mins. You should soon increase the ratio from 1:4 bottle to 4:1 bottle feeding in few weeks.

    • Take help from others: Ask someone else to give the first bottle feed as the baby will not take it easily from the mother's hands because of the connection. Try to be out of the house so that when baby is hungry and does not see his mother around, he takes bottle feed easily. No matter how hard it sounds, keeping your child Hungry for some time will make it easy for you to adjust to the bottle.

    • Try distracting your baby: Try to distract your baby by showing a breast nipple and putting a bottle nipple in the mouth. Pour few drops of milk from the breast on babies’ lips, and when the baby starts responding, you can try feeding him with the bottle to build the habit.


    Being a new mother is a stressful task, but only a mother knows how to shape her child and make her child grow better and faster. However, some tips can make it easy for you to smoothly transitioning your baby from breast to bottle feeding.

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    Kusum Sabharwal

    Obstetrician & Gynecologist - MBBS| DGO

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