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    Breastfeeding & Lactation

    Wondering how to track your baby's feed? Let us help you!

    Written on 22 July 2021

    We are happy to know that you are a hands-on mother trying to be organized and particular when it comes to your baby. There are several tasks to perform and some even require you to keep a track of them. We are sure you know why is it so important to track your baby’s feed. We will take you through how you can track your baby’s feed easily and quickly.

    • What needs to be tracked?

    Track the time when you begin breastfeeding and the end time. Track the number of times you feed in the 24 hours. You also should be tracking the breast you started feeding with. Along with it also keep a track if you switched the breasts or not, and also check if baby seems to be preferring one particular breast.

    • Where to track?

    You can make use of a notebook, or an excel sheet, or some document file. You have to make sure it's easy to read and analyze. It must be portable too. For an instance if ever you have to show a month's tracking or more to the doctor, it must be easy to decode and understanding for him. We are sure you understand the doctor cannot spare so much time just looking at it.

    • Why is it important to track?

    It helps you gather all the information at one place. It also lets you know If the baby had enough feed as recommended by the doctor or not. Let's you schedule all other tasks and helps keep a check on their health.

    What if I tell you MYLO made sure things get easy for you here as well?

    To make tracking more easy, quick, and organized for you Mylo has launched a very easy to use Baby Feed Tracker for mothers.

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