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    Parenting Tips

    Parenting Tips

    Written on 21 May 2021

    The Oxford dictionary defines parenting as "raising of children and all the responsibility and activity that are involved in it". Parenting refers to the overall development of a child from infancy to adulthood. It involves physical, emotional, intellectual and social development and not just physical or biological growth. Good parenting prepares the child to face the world strongly and bravely. Make wise and smart decisions and stand brave in every situation as it is not rosy in the real world.


    Every new parent wants to be the best one and tries to give their newborn the most positive form of parenting in order to make them ready for all the exams of life. But parenting an infant is different from parenting a teenager. So let's first see parenting tips for infants.

    • Skin to skin contact.

    Feeling, kissing, hugging and smelling the parents help the newborn to have a sense of security and they are calm.

    • Smile more often while looking in the eyes of the baby.

    The child will act positively to such gestures and this will fill the baby with tons of positive energy.

    • Do " baby talks" in a soft voice.

    This will encourage the baby to talk and will help the child in hearing and memorizing things easily.

    • Play games with your baby.

    The game can be anything, simple puzzles games, hide and seek, looking at coloured pictures, asking simple questions about familiar things.

    • Use toys.

    This can be very helpful to make the baby memories of body parts. You can also use them as characters for different games and make the game more exciting.

    • Read stories to them.

    This will help them remember things and you can ask questions regarding them.

    Parenting can be difficult and when it is for teenagers, it becomes a difficult task. One moment teenagers act like all adults and the next moment they become babies. So here are a few suggestions you can follow for good parenting of teenagers.

    • Remember, conflicts are normal.

    In the teenage years, a child is learning to be independent and is filled with confidence. So it is very obvious that your child will not always comply with what you say. But remember, conflicts are not always so try to find out the best possible way to find a middle way.

    • Set a few ground rules.

    Tell them about a few things that should be or should not be done with a logical reason. For example, if they are going out with someone who is that person and what time they should be back home.

    • Communication is necessary.

    It is very important to talk so that you can understand them and vice versa. Build a healthy environment in which they are free to share every problem with you.

    • Respect their opinions.

    Remember, if you respect their opinions they will respect yours too. It is not always necessary that they will agree to what you are saying or vice versa. Also, teenage is a time when children are exploring so give them their time and space.

    • Share your life experience.

    While sharing so, make sure you are not boosting your skills or achievement, but you should also share your low points of life. This can prepare them for failures and can also make them comfortable to tell you about their failure or about anything that is troubling them.

    • Patience is key.

    Always be patient with your energy babies. Hear them calmly and advise them. Give them their space to understand things on their own. Show trust in them.


    The best parenting tip for a new mom is to trust yourself. This is the key to everything you do. Trust yourself and be sure that you will do good for your child.

    Give time to yourself.

    Don't feel guilty for wanting to rest. You have just given birth to a baby and you deserve to rest and care.To have it.

    Accept help and ask for it.

    It's okay to keep a nanny to look after your child. Ask about things you are not sure how to do and don't feel ashamed about it. Get all the help you need and you can get it.

    Parenting is not an easy task but is a beautiful process. It can be hard but trust me, the result of all these years of hard work is a beautiful and smart child of yours. So read this article on good parenting tips and start your journey of parenting.


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