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    Back Pain

    When Does Back Pain Start In Pregnancy?

    Written on 7 July 2022


    Backache during pregnancy is the biggest complaint by many pregnant women. Sharp back pain during pregnancy is usually common. You may experience back pain may be experienced during any time of your pregnancy; however, it mostly occurs later in pregnancy as the baby grows.

    It is easy to detect the signs and symptoms of back pain in the later stages of pregnancy. But what is exactly behind that sharp back pain in the pregnancy’s first trimester or at the early stage of your pregnancy?

    Let us find out.

    Fact check

    If you are feeling lost and confused about that annoying pregnancy back pain, do not fret. You are not alone if you experience severe lower back pain during pregnancy. The reports show that 50 to 70 per cent of pregnant women experience back pain during pregnancy.

    You won’t believe it, but that aching back is an early sign of pregnancy for some women!

    Back pain in the first trimester of pregnancy can be due to weight gain, obesity, postural changes of the expecting mother, no exercise, and contractions during pregnancy. Or it can also be a part of an abnormal pregnancy.

    Therefore, you must rule out that the pregnancy is not high-risk. If that is the case, it can be due to the other factors mentioned above.

    Back pain during early pregnancy mainly occurs in the centre of the spine’s lumbar region. Sometimes, it may also be located lower and on the sides. The area of pain is based on which nerve root is affected.

    Lower back pain during early pregnancy may be relieved by rest. Often, long hours of sitting can cause nerve root compression.

    Back pain is usually irregular in early pregnancy; it comes and goes throughout the day, possibly accompanied by numbness, burning, or muscle cramps.

    Low back pain during pregnancy primarily impacts only one side of your body. The position of the fetus in the uterus may influence the pain’s location. In other cases, the pain usually starts between the fifth and seventh months of pregnancy. In some rare cases, the lower back pain can start shortly after becoming pregnant.

    Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy

    Now, you might be wondering, Is lower back pain normal in early pregnancy? Occasional cramping and back pain in the first trimester of pregnancy can be normal, and there are different reasons for that.

    But if it is persistent and getting intense, you should be checked out by your doctor. Ultimately, an exam by a gynaecologist is the only thing that can determine if the pain is a normal part of the pregnancy or if it is something that needs attention and treatment.

    Also, you must be aware of the factors causing your severe back pain.

    Now, let's talk about various causes of back pain during pregnancy that increases back strain and result in nerve roots' impaction.

    Weight Gain:

    One of the major causes of back pain in pregnancy is weight gain. In a normal pregnancy, women gain about 25 to 35 pounds.

    Center of Gravity:

    The centre of gravity shifts during pregnancy, which can cause changes in posture and pain in the lower back.

    Hormonal changes:

    The body produces the hormone called Relaxin during pregnancy, which allows ligaments in the pelvis to relax before labour. Thus, this hormone can cause spinal ligaments to loosen, leading to instability in the spine and causing sharp lower back pain during pregnancy.

    Other Medical Conditions:

    If women have Disc Protrusion or degenerative disc changes before pregnancy, these can herniate and cause low back pain during pregnancy.

    Weakening of joints:

    During pregnancy, your body ligaments become softer and stretch to their maximum to prepare you for labour. It puts strain on your lower back and pelvic joints.


    Stress is the other root cause of your lower back pain during pregnancy. Stress usually affects the weakest areas of your body, leading to muscle pain and tightness, causing back pain. You may experience sharp lower back pain during stressful times of your pregnancy.

    Second and third trimester:

    The later stages of pregnancy may also be the culprits for that sore back as your pregnancy progresses.


    The above factors can come into play to aggravate that sore back during the early stages or the first trimester of your pregnancy. Severe lower back pain during pregnancy can disrupt your daily activities and may hinder your good night’s sleep.

    It is advisable to talk to your doctor if you are suffering more than expected. They may provide you with some great tips on why and how you can deal with that sore back.

    We wish you a healthy and happy pregnancy

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