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    When should you have sex after a c-section?

    Written on 18 June 2022

    If you've just had a caesarean section, you may be wondering when and how you may resume your sexual life. You may assume that since you gave birth vaginally, you may have sexual relations right away—this is not true, and it is a common mistake.

    Whatever the case, you're undoubtedly wondering when and how you'll be able to have sex again or if you have to live with pain during sex after a c-section. While some assume that having a caesarean delivery makes it simpler to resume sexual activity since the vaginal region is less damaged, this is not always true.

    Sexual problems continue in women who have had caesarean deliveries, especially in the early postpartum period. According to research, both vaginal and C-section delivery women have sexual issues in the first three months after giving birth.

    When to have sex after a C-section?

    There is no one-size-fits-all method to restarting sexual activity after a caesarean section, and many women wait for four to six weeks before resuming sexual engagement. You will have your six-week postpartum check-up at this time. Your doctor or midwife will examine your incision to ensure appropriate healing, and that postpartum bleeding has ceased so you don’t experience painful sex after a c-section.

    Many women and their partners feel that since they had a c-section, they would be able to have sex straight afterwards. They incorrectly believe that the blood has been evacuated and that the procedure would result in no more bleeding. It takes around six weeks for your body to reconstruct the interior of your uterus and fully close the cervix. This is why postpartum women are advised to avoid tampon use and sexual activity until their six-week check-up.

    Can you have Anal Sex after a c-section?

    Most doctors advise waiting at least six weeks following a c-section before engaging in any form of penetrative intercourse. Although you can have anal sex after giving birth, you may want not to have this or any other kind of sex after giving birth, which is absolutely OK.

    Is oral sex safe after a c-section?

    Although physicians recommend waiting four to six weeks after giving birth before engaging in penetrative sex, oral sex is sometimes authorised sooner. Oral sex and other types of "outercourse" or external stimulation may be safe even a few days after delivery.

    Tips for Having Sex after C-Section Delivery

    When you are given the all-clear for sex, which is normally around your six-week postpartum appointment, you should consider many factors before deciding that now is the best time for you and your partner. There are extra things you may do to improve your experience.

    Best Sex Position after C-Section Delivery

    Physical recovery times are the same for vaginal and caesarean births. The recuperation process in the abdomen for moms who have had surgery, on the other hand, will be significantly different.

    Within a week following surgery, staples from the incision site will be removed. By six weeks postpartum, the wound should have healed. Women, on the other hand, often experience soreness at the site of the incision. Some women have numbness or tingling for months after surgery. This is OK as long as the pain does not worsen and is not accompanied by other symptoms such as a fever.

    Because the region surrounding your incision site may be sensitive, attempt sexual positions that do not put pressure on your abdomen. You could be worried about how sex would feel the first time you experience it. Because sex is both physical and emotional, any reluctance or worry you feel about having sex again is extremely real and may interfere with your sexual experience.

    If your incision is still bothering you, you may be concerned that certain positions, like the missionary position, may put too much pressure on it, causing pain. You may prevent direct contact with your incision by employing a top-down position or a side or rear entering posture. ​

    You may want to use vaginal lubricants to make this encounter as pleasant as possible. Most parents have lubrication issues, particularly if they are breastfeeding or on hormonal birth control. Hormones are responsible, and it occurs independently of the child's birth circumstances.

    Remember that, in addition to using store-bought lubricant, foreplay may help increase the amount of lubricant your body creates naturally. Make time for kissing, snuggling, massage, and other activities.


    Remember that time and patience are excellent remedies for sex after c-section and post-baby sexual problems. You may face some difficult situations, and having a sense of humour can help you deal with the bulk of them. Consult your doctor or midwife if you have pain or irregular bleeding that lasts longer than normal.

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