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    What Is The Right Dress To Wear During Pregnancy

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    What Is The Right Dress To Wear During Pregnancy

    Updated on 16 April 2024

    Mothers-to-be experience a rollercoaster of emotions in their pregnancy journey. Pregnant women undergo many physical and emotional changes, and each new experience demands equal attention. But the top priority on the list is being comfortable throughout the pregnancy. Expecting mothers have to deal with morning sickness, back pain, general exhaustion, and uneasiness resulting from the constant changes. That is why many women put a lot of thought into what to wear during pregnancy.

    Why Pregnant Women Should Wear Comfortable Clothes?

    Comfort is an essential factor when we buy clothes. For moms-to-be, then, it is all the more important when choosing clothes during pregnancy. For one, their bodies undergo many changes, such as weight gain or loss, aches and sprains, nausea, and discomfort. Choosing clothes that accommodate physical changes is vital. Since nausea and fatigue can cause problems with mobility, uncomfortable clothing can cause extreme discomfort or even injury.

    It is important to remember what one woman finds comfortable might not suit another mom-to-be. However, most women shop for comfort-fit (not ill-fit) maternity clothes made from breathable material.

    Pregnant women should wear comfortable clothes because it helps them move freely. It is made from natural materials, such as cotton and linen, which prevent skin irritations and help the body adapt to temperature fluctuations.

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    What Types of Clothes Should You Wear During Pregnancy?

    What to wear when pregnant? The answer is simple - anything and everything that happily lets you embrace your changing body. Just as pregnancy comes in all shapes and sizes, so do maternity clothes. What women choose depends on their body type, the level of comfort needed, and the size of their baby bump. Here is a list of a few must-haves in your maternity wardrobe.

    • Maternity bra or sports bra
    • Comfortable underwear
    • Maternity leggings
    • Flowy maxi dresses
    • Over-sized buttoned down shirts
    • Flowy skirts
    • Long cardigans and sweaters for winters
    • Comfortable footwear

    Things to Remember while Choosing Pregnancy Clothes

    Moms-to-be should find clothes that not only flatter their new shape but also give the needed comfort. Silhouettes, comfort, and support are a few things to remember while choosing clothing during pregnancy.

    1. Silhouettes

    Expecting mothers should look for clothes that flatter their changing shape. If someone is carrying extra weight in their middle, they should wear empire line tops and dresses or oversized tops. If there is more weight around the hips, a-line skirts, flowy dresses, or even stretchable pants are a good option.

    2. Comfort

    Whatever the style, mamas-to-be should not have to compromise on comfort. Whether an empire-waist dress or a pair of stretchable pants, maternity clothes should be made from soft, stretchy fabrics that will accommodate your growing belly. It might be a bit cumbersome, but trying on the clothes before buying them will save a lot of time.

    3. Support

    Pregnant women look for clothes that provide support to their changing bodies. For example, women may need more support and comfort around their baby bumps in the later months or need bras that offer the maximum comfort and support.

    4. Style

    Maternity fashion should be all about celebrating motherhood and the miracle of creating another human being. Pregnancy should not translate into buying cheap, ill-fitting clothes and giving up one's sense of style. Many maternity clothes companies keep in mind style and comfort when designing pieces for mamas-to-be. Women can experiment with different styles and designs.

    Where to Buy Maternity Clothing

    A lot of shopping is done online today, and buying maternity clothes is no exception. However, many retailers also stock a variety of maternity clothes. Women can ask around in their circle and find out more about the best shops near them where they can find affordable dresses to wear during pregnancy. Women who have experienced the journey before would know about online and offline maternity shopping options. Pregnancy demands extra care and time off from physical exertion, so walking through local markets might not be feasible. In such cases, many online shopping portals have a maternity section where they can shop for clothes and mom-and-baby care products. Mothers-to-be can browse through hundreds of clothes and other products from the comfort of their homes while enjoying the most memorable phase of their life.


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