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    Top 10 food items and beverages that one must completely avoid during pregnancy. 

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    Top 10 food items and beverages that one must completely avoid during pregnancy. 

    Updated on 8 April 2024

    For a healthy pregnancy, the diet of an expecting woman plays a crucial role in the well-being of the baby. According to the experts the diet of a mother needs to be nutritional and balanced which involves perfect balance of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fats. After getting those two red lines on the pregnancy test kit you might crave for all the flavorsome dishes in the world but controlling your taste buds for a few months will be a challenging task for you. Here’s a list of some food items that one should strictly avoid during pregnancy:

    • Seafood (raw, contaminated or undercooked)- If you are healthy, fit and active then your doctor might not ask you to give up entirely on your favorite seafood delicacies. The doctor might advise you to avoid raw fish and certain fishes that contain high mercury levels or raised in contaminated water for instance tilefish, shark, orange roughy, swordfish, bigeye tuna, marlin, and king mackerel. We all know that consuming fish can benefit you with omega-3 fatty acids but you have to consume freshwater seafood during your pregnancy that includes shrimp, sardines, salmon and trout. To avoid any infections and toxins to harm your little one in the womb you must cook it properly and eat in moderation. No matter how much you are fond of eating sushi you must avoid eating it during pregnancy.

    • Unwashed fruits and vegetables- Even if you are handpicking your favorite seasonal fruits and vegetables but if they are not washed properly before consuming then you are putting your baby’s life is danger. Unwashed fruits and vegetables contain listeria, toxoplasma gondii, herbicides, harmful pesticides and several deadly pathogens that can put your pregnancy at risk. One must strictly avoid consuming unwashed cabbage, lettuce and sprouts during pregnancy. Papaya and pineapple should be completely eliminated from the diet of a pregnant woman as that can cause miscarriage.

    • Meat (raw, undercooked or processed)- If you are fond of eating non-vegetarian foods then during pregnancy you have to be little extra careful because consuming raw and undercooked meat might result in fetal damage, vomiting and miscarriage due to the presence of listeria (bacteria) and toxoplasma gondii. You must consult with your doctor before consuming meat and make sure the meat is properly washed with salt water and cooked properly. One must avoid eating processed meat during pregnancy.

    • Soft boiled or raw eggs- Raw eggs are usually contaminated with salmonella bacteria which can cause stomach cramps, nausea, fever, vomiting, diarrhea during pregnancy. In rare cases, the infection may also lead to premature birth or stillbirth. You should also avoid other food items which are made from raw eggs like mousse, custard, mayonnaise and various salad dressings. You can safely consume products that are made from pasteurized eggs.

    • Unpasteurized dairy products- Consuming unpasteurized milk may cause food poisoning to the pregnant lady because it contains pathogens. One must consume fresh and boiled milk because that provides nutrients like protein, calcium and minerals to the mother and her baby in the womb. If you are fond of adding cheese in your diet then opt for hard cheese especially listeria-free pasteurized. One must avoid consuming soft cheese as that can attract harmful bacteria and can be life-threatening for the baby.

    • Raw sprouts and nuts- Sprouts in pregnancy are safe to consume only when they are washed well and cooked properly. Raw sprouts are contaminated with various harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause food poisoning. Even consuming nuts in high quantities can cause allergies and infections. One must consume nuts in moderation as too many nuts can cause constipation.

    • Excessive caffeine- Consuming chocolates, tea, coffee and aerated drinks in excess can cause stillbirths, fetal death and low birth weight. Excessive consumption of tea and coffee can make your body dehydrated.

    • Alcohol- One must completely avoid consuming alcohol during pregnancy as those leads to the risk of stillbirth and miscarriage. It may also negatively affect your baby’s brain development.

    • Processed junk food/canned food- They contain preservatives and food additives and are generally low in nutrients and are high in sugar, fats, and calories. This may result in gestational diabetes and leads to several other pregnancy-related complications.

    • Excessive sugar-rich foods/ Artificial sweeteners- Excessive intake of chocolates, ice creams and desserts may increase your blood sugar levels which can badly affect fetal health.

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