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    Things Not to Do After Cervical Cerclage for a Healthy Pregnancy

    Things Not to Do After Cervical Cerclage for a Healthy Pregnancy

    Updated on 8 April 2024

    Every woman wishes for a healthy pregnancy, free from any complications. But despite what you wish for, some complications may come knocking on your door during pregnancy. One such complication is a weakened cervix, which can put pregnant women at risk of premature delivery. To avert this risk, doctors suggest cervical cerclage, a procedure to stitch the cervix close. This procedure can increase your chances for a healthy pregnancy, provided you follow precautions after cervical cerclage and keep in mind the things not to do after cervical cerclage.

    In this article, we will look at the common dos and don’ts suggested after cervical cerclage, beginning with bed rest and touching upon precautions related to sitting, sleeping and travel.

    What Do Experts Say About Cervical Cerclage Bed Rest?

    Cervical cerclage and bed rest is a very debatable topic, but we need to understand that every person recovers at a different pace. As per experts, it is suggested to take rest once cervical cerclage has been conducted. Here, resting doesn’t mean a complete bed rest. The woman should limit unnecessary movements, avoid heavy lifting of objects, and shouldn’t do heavy exercises, too.

    Bed rest is suggested as a precautionary measure by experts and doctors so that you don’t exert your body and your body gets enough time to heal.

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    8 Precautions After Cervical Cerclage

    Any procedure conducted on your body requires you to take some precautions. The same holds true for cervical cerclage as well. Here are some precautions that you should follow religiously after cervical cerclage:

    1. Sitting position after cervical cerclage

    Once the procedure is conducted, it is very important to focus on the way you sit. It is always suggested to sit on a chair that has good back support so that there is minimum pressure on your cervix. Don’t sit for long hours and take frequent breaks in between. In case your nature of work is such that it requires you to sit for continuous hours, then use a cushion that can offer additional support to your back.

    2. Lifting heavy objects

    Another important precaution is to avoid lifting heavy objects or putting physical strain on your body. Such activities can put pressure on your cervix and cause complications post your surgery.

    3. Sexual intercourse after cervical cerclage

    It is better to take a break from sexual intercourse for a certain time after cervical cerclage is performed. You should wait until your cervix has healed so that there are fewer chances of catching an infection. In case you experience any kind of bleeding during or after sexual activity, inform your doctor.

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    4. Stress levels

    Pregnancy is an emotional ride in itself, and once you undergo any surgery, your emotions reach another level. However, it is important to manage your stress level and do things that keep you happy. You can read a book or meditate during your cervical cerclage and bed rest phase.

    5. Travel after cervical cerclage

    If you are worried about ‘can I travel after cervical cerclage’, then you will be disappointed to hear that the answer is no. It is better to limit travel for some time once the surgery has been performed. You should also keep in mind factors like the stage of your pregnancy, the mode of transport, the support system if you (you are going alone or with some caretaker), the distance of your travel, etc. Keep your doctor in the loop and travel when you get a green signal from her.

    6. Rest

    Prioritize cervical cerclage bed rest and avoid activities that can cause fatigue. Bed rest might not look necessary, but it is very important to heal your cervix. Bed rest also helps you come out of the trauma and promotes a healthy pregnancy.

    7. Sleeping position after cervical cerclage

    Just like your sitting position after cervical cerclage is important, your sleeping position is equally important. It is suggested to sleep on your left side during pregnancy as it increases blood circulation to the placenta. Also, sleeping on your left side can reduce undue stress on the cervix. You can also go for a nice pregnancy pillow to support your cervix.

    8. Hydration

    It is very important to drink plenty of water or fluids to keep your body hydrated. This helps maintain an optimal amniotic fluid level, which is important for the baby's growth. Additionally, it will accelerate your body’s internal healing.

    All these precautions can help you heal faster and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

    Things Not to Do After Cervical Cerclage

    Here are a few things you must avoid after a cervical cerclage:

    • Don’t insert anything in your vagina, like tampons or menstrual cups.

    • Avoid physical activities that stress your body.

    • Don’t start working till your doctor gives a green signal.

    • Don’t hold your urine for long.

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    1. How long should I be on cervical cerclage bed rest?

    If you are worried about cervical cerclage and bed rest duration, then you will be glad to know that as per experts 24 to 48 hours of rest is suggested followed by restricted body activities.

    2. Can I travel after cervical cerclage?

    Travel after cervical cerclage is generally not suggested as it might cause added pressure on your cervix. Before traveling, you should consider factors like duration of travel, mode of transport, distance to be covered, etc. and check with your doctor.

    3. Can I have a normal delivery after cervical cerclage?

    Yes, you can have a normal delivery after cervical cerclage if the cerclage is removed in time. During your pregnancy, your doctor will monitor your progress closely and recommend the mode of delivery accordingly.

    Key Takeaways

    It can be concluded that if you want your cervical cerclage procedure to be successful, you should take certain precautions after cervical cerclage. If you understand and follow things not to do after cervical cerclage, you can enjoy a successful pregnancy. This not only involves the right sleeping position after cervical cerclage but also the right sitting position after cervical cerclage. We are so blessed that we are born in an era when science has progressed so much. So, if you have undergone any surgery, then you should take necessary precautions during the recovery phase and report any issues to your doctor.

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