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    How to calm your worst breastfeeding fears? Here are a few helpful tips for breastfeeding in public. 

    Written on 16 August 2018

    Expert Verified

    Kusum Sabharwal

    Obstetrician & Gynecologist - MBBS| DGO

    When you have become a mother, you don’t have to worry about all those negative reactions when it comes to feeding your baby in front of strangers. Irrespective of whether you are at home or somewhere out, your newborn baby needs to be fed every 2 hours. Breastfeeding your baby in public can be embarrassing but the sooner you get used to it, the better it will be for you. Some women are confident and comfortable in breastfeeding whereas some are not. You should not have any guilt in nourishing your baby simply because you are in a public area.

    Breastfeeding an infant in public places like restaurants, shopping malls, movie halls can be observed by others and that causes discomfort to the mother. This is why most of the mothers feel uncomfortable and hesitant at the thought of feeding their starving babies in public places. In many parts of the world, it is legal to breastfeed in public places, and in a country like India, it is quite normal in rural areas. Whereas most of the metropolitan cities are organizing various events where nursing mothers can gather together in a public area and make an attempt to nurse their child to normalize breastfeeding. It is not at all against the law and that’s why you must keep these pointers in mind if you wish to breastfeed your hungry baby in public:

    • Dress appropriately- You must opt for nursing tank tops that have built-in bras because that makes it quite easier for you to shirt up and unhook the fastener. These breastfeeding-friendly tops don’t let you waste time and also don’t expose your belly or boobs in the public. You can also choose to wear loose button-down shirts as they are easy to pull to the back and side. You can carry thin comfortable covering baby sheet or a scarf to conceal. The nursing cover will give you more freedom and confidence to breastfeed your child in public places.

    • Pick your spot- You must find a secluded place where you can comfortably feed your child. Avoid using washrooms to breastfeed your child because you would never like to eat your lunch or dinner while sitting in a toilet then why should your darling? You can ask for a mother’s room in a shopping mall, amusement park, airport or you can try the backseat of your car. You must choose a place that is less chaotic and much quieter.

    • Turn away to latch- You can be a wallflower and latch your baby when you’re completely facing the wall and can turn back. You can do the same when you need to unlatch the baby. You can enjoy your meal by facing other dinner companions along with breastfeeding your child.

    • Take a deep breath and relax- You must watch your baby’s cues because a calm baby will quickly and successfully latch as compared to the one who is starving and cranky. Before a fussy child gets all the unwanted attention and makes it too difficult for you to feed him/her in the public, ensure that you must avoid being the center of the attraction at any public place.

    • Say cheese- If you notice that people are staring at you or if anyone is looking at you with disapproval then all you have to do is just smile. You should not feel ashamed because you are doing the most important thing for your baby. If the situation requires you to move away from people making nasty comments, then you should immediately inform the higher authorities and move away.

    • Try using a sling- Slings are quite comfortable and your baby can comfortably take a nap after the breastfeeding session. If you think the crowd is making you nervous then you must look at your baby once. When you notice how contented and happy your baby is it will bring you peace and will give you the confidence to avoid people and get distracted. With a baby sling, it’s quite easy for you to enjoy an evening with your partner.

    • Practice in front of the mirror- If you are a new mom and feels uncomfortable in stepping out of the house then you must practice the breastfeeding session in front of the mirror in the house as that will boost your confidence and you will not let your baby cry out of hunger in public places.

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    Verified Article by

    Kusum Sabharwal

    Obstetrician & Gynecologist - MBBS| DGO
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