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      Baby Diet Chart: What to Feed Your Baby From Birth to 1 Year?

      Diet & Nutrition

      Baby Diet Chart: What to Feed Your Baby From Birth to 1 Year?

      Updated on 31 October 2022

      Being a new parent can be challenging, especially regarding food. Breast milk or formula should be given in the early few months. As the baby starts growing, start giving different types of a healthy diet for the growth and development of the baby. A new parent may have many queries, like how many ounces the baby should take, why they always seem hungry, and when they should start eating solids. Here, we share a comprehensive baby diet chart from birth until it turns 1-year-old.

      Baby diet chart: From birth to 6 months

      The digestive system is still under development at this age, and it cannot take solid foods. Only feed breast milk or formula to the newborn until four months. Here is a breakdown of the baby diet chart from 0-6 months:

      • 0-1 month

      Breast milk every 2-3 hours and formula (2-3 ounces) every 3-4 hours; whether it is breast milk or formula, continue to feed your baby on demand 8-12 feedings/day.

      • 1-2 months

      Breast milk (8 to 12 feeds/day) every 2-3 hours or formula (7-8 feeds in a day) approximately 4 ounces.

      • 2-4 months

      Breast milk (6-7 feeding in a day) every 3-4 hours or formula, around (6 feeding a day) about 4-6 ounces.

      • 4-6 months

      Breast milk (around 7 feedings per day) every 3-4 hours or formula (6 to 7 feedings per day) around 4-8 ounces; start giving cereal too.

      Usually, solid foods can be included anytime when the baby is 4-6 months old. In the early months, solids should be pureed. Include solid food one at a time and in small quantities, like 1 or 2 tablespoons, and increase the amount. Parents may start with infant cereals and introduce pureed fruit, vegetables, and meat later.

      6-month Baby Diet Chart

      Design a diet chart for babies, which will have all the healthy nutrients. Here is the complete 6-month baby diet chart:


      • Start one spoon of apple puree once a day

      • Increase the number of purees to twice a day as time passes. Gradually, introduce a new solid, probably a vegetable.

      • Give carrot puree a tablespoon once a day. Later increase it to 3 tablespoons twice a day.

      • Stick to apple puree in the morning and carrot puree in the evening during this week

      • Follow a routine to feed milk on the baby’s demand for breast milk or formula milk


      Now that baby has gotten used to solid food other than milk, continue with two solid meals daily along with breast milk or formula milk. Here are a few foods that may include in the 6-month baby diet chart:

      • Carrot puree

      • Rice cereal

      • Apple puree

      • Barley cereal

      • Potato puree

      • Banana puree

      • Pumpkin


      • Apple puree

      • Barley puree

      • Pear puree

      • Ragi porridge

      • Carrot puree

      • Rice cereal

      • Barley cereal

      • Sweet potato puree

      • Potato puree

      • Breast milk or formula milk


      • Apple puree

      • Oats cereal

      • Rice cereal

      • Bottle gourd puree

      • Avocado puree

      • Boiled dal

      • Ragi porridge

      • Banana puree

      • Barley cereal

      Besides breast milk or formula, pureed fruits, vegetables and cereals, start giving pureed lentils from this week.

      7-month Baby Diet Chart

      Seven-month-old babies typically take three solid food meals and two snacks in between these solid meals. Start with giving pureed dals. Breastfeeding sessions in the morning and night are also part of the routine. Here are some solid foods included in the 7-month baby diet chart:

      • Fruit puree

      • Vegetables

      • Porridge

      • Meat puree

      • Egg

      • Cheese

      • Khichdi

      8-month Baby Diet Chart

      Typically, foods that are a part of the 8-month baby diet chart include:

      • Fruits

      • Vegetables

      • Fish

      • Tofu/paneer

      • Chicken

      • Cheese

      • Eggs

      • Yoghurt

      • Legumes

      10-month Baby Diet Chart

      Besides breast milk and formula, here are the foods included in the 10-month baby diet chart:

      • Mashed fruits and vegetables and not the pureed form

      • Cheese and cottage

      • Snacks like cereal puffs, biscuits or crackers and bread

      • Cereals like oats, ragi and barley

      • Rice, dal and pumpkin curry

      • Idli

      • Dosa

      • Khichi and curd

      • Veg pulao and curd

      • Chapati and dal

      • Dalia

      • Fish

      • Chicken broth

      1-year Baby Diet Chart

      There is no need to stress about preparing exceptional food for a one-year-old. The baby may eat whatever the other family members eat. Apart from breast milk or formula, here are the foods included in the 1-year baby diet chart:

      • Soft cooked vegetables and fruit (small quantity)

      • Rice and dal

      • Idli

      • Porridge

      • Well-cooked legumes

      • Small pieces of meat

      • Fish

      • Finger foods

      • Iron-fortified cereals

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      Closing words

      What to feed a baby is the primary concern for every parent. Give them the right food at the right time and pay attention to their reaction to the food. Most babies will respond with their actions whether they are hungry or not. If you have any questions or concerns, take help from the paediatrician.

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