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    Early Pregnancy

    What are the early symptoms of pregnancy before missed period?

    Written on 16 June 2022

    A missed period is the first symptom of pregnancy if you have a regular monthly menstrual cycle.

    During the first few weeks of pregnancy, you may experience bleeding like a light period, with minor spotting or losing little blood. This is known as implantation bleeding.

    However, each pregnancy is unique, and not everyone will experience these symptoms. Moreover, some women start feeling pregnant even before missing their period. Yes, missing a period is not the sole indicator of pregnancy! Some women may experience symptoms of early pregnancy before a missed period, and women trying actively to conceive may be more aware of them.

    Yes, you may have pre-pregnancy symptoms before your missed period.

    Yes, you may have pre pregnancy symptoms before you missed period.

    Every menstrual cycle, a woman's body prepares for a prospective pregnancy.

    Some changes in the second part of each cycle might mimic pregnant symptoms. Hormonal changes are to blame, which might become a recurring occurrence for some women. So, how to detect early pregnancy before a missed period?

    Here are some of the pregnancy symptoms before missed period -

    • Breast change:

    Hormonal fluctuations in your body cause cyclical changes in your breasts. As a result, numerous women may suffer breast discomfort or heaviness before their periods. These alterations are accelerated in the event of a continuous pregnancy. "You may have tingling or discomfort in your breasts during the first few weeks of pregnancy owing to early hormonal changes in your body," says Dr. Priti Arora Dhamija, Obs-Gyn Consultant at Sitaram Bhartia Hospital in South Delhi.

    • Nausea or vomiting -

    "Morning sickness is one of the basic symptoms of pregnancy." "There may be nausea with or without vomiting," Dr Priti says. "It normally begins after a month of pregnancy. However, women may feel this indication even before they miss a period."

    • Implantation bleeding:

    It is typical for women to suffer spotting throughout their periods. However, few realise this might be an early pregnancy sign. "This spotting is highly likely to be misinterpreted as a period." "Those who are on the watch for early pregnancy signs, on the other hand, should be alerted to a probable pregnancy," adds Dr Priti.

    • Decrease in Appetite -

    During the first few weeks of pregnancy, the majority of women may experience an aversion to specific foods and fragrances. This may cause a reduction in appetite, even for meals you previously loved. There may also be excessive salivation at times. "Changes in hormones may affect your taste senses," the doctor adds.

    • Urge to pee more often:

    If you've conceived, you may use the restroom more frequently. Because of the increased blood volume in your system during pregnancy, your kidneys tend to work overtime. This would cause a strong need to urinate regularly throughout pregnancy.

    • Tiredness:

    Tiredness: Exhaustion is one of the most prevalent early pregnancy symptoms, even before a missed period. "Nature urges you to slow down. "These abrupt changes in your body caused by an increase in progesterone hormone levels make your body fatigued," explains Dr Priti.

    • Constipation:

    During the first few weeks after giving birth, women may feel heartburn or trouble moving their bowels.

    Rising hormone levels slow down your digestive system, resulting in digestive problems. These may be the sole pregnant symptoms before the missed period you encounter.

    Different pregnancy symptoms occur at different times in the cycle. There might be some unusual pregnancy symptoms before the missed period that a woman might not consider those signs as the early pregnancy symptoms.

    So, when should one take the pregnancy test? Let’s understand how to determine the best time to take a test

    Ovulation usually happens on day 15 of a 28-day cycle. An egg gets fertilised in the fallopian tube and then goes into the uterus, then goes into the uterus, lodging in the uterine wall during a normal pregnancy. Soon after a fertilised egg is implanted within the uterus, a woman's body starts to release hCG from cells in the forming placenta (tissue that feeds a growing baby). Trace quantities of hCG from early pregnancy may be discovered about eight days after ovulation. That implies a woman might obtain favourable findings many days before her menstruation begins.

    The difficulty in determining when to take a test is that the first half of a menstrual cycle is more unpredictable than the second. The interval between the first day of menstruation and ovulation might vary from month to month. Sexual activity near ovulation increases the likelihood of sperm fertilising the released egg. Even yet, the time it takes for a fertilised egg to implant varies. And hCG is not created until after implantation.

    We suggest that women test in the morning on the day they anticipate their period to begin for the most accurate results. This provides for flexibility in ovulation, fertilisation, and implantation time. Testing in the morning yields a concentrated urine sample which might contain more HCG hormone for the test to detect the early symptoms of pregnancy before missed period.

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