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    How to Make Kajal at Home for Babies?

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    How to Make Kajal at Home for Babies?

    Updated on 30 May 2024

    Applying kajal to a baby’s eyes, forehead or behind the ear is an age-old tradition passed down through generations. As a new parent, you too may want to continue this legacy with your little one. However, concerns about harmful additives in commercial kajal may make you hesitant to use it on your baby's delicate skin. This may spark your curiosity about how to make kajal at home for babies.

    If you’re wondering how to make kajal for newborn baby at home, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will not only learn making kajal for babies at home but also discuss the benefits of homemade kajal for babies and the reasons for applying it.

    Why and How Kajal is Used on Babies?

    As per our Indian tradition, kajal was considered to ward off evil eye and bring good fortune. Consequently, elders insisted on applying kajal to newborn babies to protect them. Additionally, it was believed that kajal protected the eyes from environmental factors and infections. Lastly, kajal has always been considered like an ornament for the eyes as it helps enhance their beauty.

    Due to these reasons and many others, kajal is applied to babies, usually in their lower eyelids. Alternatively, a dot of kajal can be applied on the forehead, behind the ear, neck or the sole of the foot of babies. Whether you choose to apply kajal in your baby’s eyes or on their skin, it’s important to use a safe and natural kajal.

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    What are the Benefits of Using Homemade Kajal for Babies?

    Here are some of the benefits you can expect from using homemade kajal for newborn baby:

    1. Goodness of natural ingredients

    When you venture to make kajal at home, you source safe and natural ingredients for your baby. Commonly used ingredients in homemade kajal include almonds, ghee, sandalwood, saffron etc. This way you prevent exposing your baby to any artificial or harsh additives that may be used in a commercial kajal.

    2. Lower risk of irritation or allergy

    Since homemade kajal is made with clean and natural ingredients, it significantly reduces the risk of skin irritation or allergic reactions in your baby. It is much safer for your baby’s sensitive skin and eyes.

    3. Healthy for baby’s eyes

    The ingredients used in homemade kajal can be beneficial for your baby’s eyes as they hydrate the eyes, have a cooling effect on them and keep them clean. This can support the visual development of your baby.

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    4. Economical

    By making kajal for your baby at home, you also save money that you would have spent on high-quality, organic store-bought kajal. Most of the ingredients used in a homemade kajal can easily be found in our kitchen.

    5. Peace of mind

    Most of all, a kajal you created with your hands will give you the peace of mind that the ingredients that went into making the kajal are safe for your little one. You can apply it to your baby without a worry in the world. It can be your own way of upholding the tradition while also keeping your baby safe.

    How to Make Kajal for Newborn Baby at Home?

    Now, let’s finally understand how to make kajal at home for babies. Here’s a step-by-step guide that you can follow:

    1. Collect the ingredients

    Firstly, gather all the ingredients and materials you will need. This includes:

    • 1 small diya (clay lamp)

    • 1 piece of cotton

    • Ghee (clarified butter)

    • Almonds

    • Sandalwood paste

    • Almond oil

    • 1 copper plate

    • 2 small glasses

    • 1 clean airtight container for storage

    2. Prepare the wick

    Once you have all materials close by, start by preparing the wick. Dip the piece of cotton into sandalwood paste and let it dry. Once it’s dry, fill the cotton piece with some crushed almonds and roll it to form a wick.

    3. Assemble the diya and utensils

    Fill the diya with ghee and soak the wick with some ghee before placing it inside the diya. Then, place the two small glasses on either side of the diya and the copper plate over the glasses. Finally, light the diya.

    4. Collect the soot

    Once the diya is lit, you will see as the almonds burn in its flame, soot will start to collect on the underside of the plate. Let the soot collect for about 15-20 minutes or until the diya doesn't extinguish.

    5. Scrape the soot

    Allow the copper plate to cool down before taking it off the glasses and turning it around. Once cooled, gently scrape the soot off the plate using a spoon, fork or knife in a clean, empty container.

    6. Mix with ghee and almond oil

    Once you’ve scraped and collected all the soot, add a few drops of ghee and almond oil. This will help bind the soot and give it moisturizing properties. Your homemade kajal is now ready. Store it in an airtight container to increase its longevity.

    If you want your baby to reap the benefits of a homemade kajal but can’t find the time, energy or resources to make one, you can try Mylo Baby Kajal. 100% natural and safe, our baby kajal is made with vegetable carbon black, pure cow ghee, almond oil, coconut oil and rose oil. It’s long-lasting and smudge-proof formula soothes dry eyes, relieves inflammation and keeps the eyes cool and clean.

    Key Takeaways

    Balancing a chord between traditional customs and your baby’s safety can be hard at times. But by learning how to make kajal at home for babies, you are one step closer to finding the balance. The benefits of homemade kajal for babies are plenty but keep an eye out for any irritation or allergic reaction that may occur. At the end of the day, your baby’s safety is paramount to you and us. Here’s to raising happy babies!

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