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    Is Baby Kajal Safe for Your Little One’s Eyes?

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    Is Baby Kajal Safe for Your Little One’s Eyes?

    Updated on 24 May 2024

    As young parents, welcoming a baby into the world is all about walking the fine line between traditional norms and modern practices. You want to follow in the footsteps of your parents but also carve a new parenting path for yourself. One age-old tradition that’s been passed down through our generations is applying kajal to babies’ eyes.

    While many modern parents are breaking free from this custom, many still want to cling to it. If you are caught between the two, then this article will help you find clarity on whether you should apply baby kajal to your baby’s eyes or not.

    Is Kajal Good for Baby Eyes?

    As a parent, your baby’s safety is paramount to you, especially when it comes to something so sensitive and critical as their eyes. This raises questions about the safety of kajal for newborn babies. Traditional or commercial kajal products, especially the ones made for adults, may include toxic ingredients that can irritate your baby’s eyes. On the other hand, natural or organic baby kajal that’s free from any harmful additives can be quite beneficial for your baby.

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    What are the Benefits of Kajal for Baby Eyes?

    The practice of applying baby kajal has been deeply rooted in our Indian culture and has been found to have the following benefits:

    1. Promotes good eyesight

    One of the most prevalent beliefs of applying kajal is that it can help improve the eye health of babies. It is considered to clean the eyes, strengthen them and enhance vision development.

    2. Protects against infections

    Owing to its antimicrobial properties, kajal is also believed to prevent eye infections in babies. In the past, when hygiene practices weren’t as advanced and medical help was scarce, kajal seemed like a good protection against environmental pollutants.

    3. Provides soothing effect

    An additional benefit of applying kajal to your baby’s eyes is the cooling effect it can have. This can be especially useful during summer or travel when the chances of eye irritation, redness or swelling are higher than usual.

    4. Enhances facial features

    Kajal can also make your baby’s eyes look bigger and more beautiful. It can also lend the eyelashes a thicker and darker appearance. Overall, a dark outline of kajal under your baby’s eyes can make their facial features more prominent and captivating.

    5. Wards off evil eye

    Coming to the traditional significance of applying baby kajal, it is believed to protect the newborn baby from “evil eye” or “Buri Nazar” and bring good luck and blessings to the baby. While there may not be any scientific truth attached to this, it can be seen as a gesture of love, care and protection.

    As a modern parent debating whether to apply kajal to your baby’s eyes, it’s important to prioritize your baby’s safety and well-being. You can help ensure that by choosing a kajal that will not harm your baby’s eyes.

    How to Choose the Best Kajal for Babies?

    If you’re wondering which is the best kajal for babies, then here are some features which can help you select the perfect kajal for baby eyes:

    1. Natural ingredients

    When looking for a kajal for newborn baby, look for one that’s made from natural, non-toxic ingredients like vegetable carbon black, almond oil, pure ghee and coconut oil. Natural ingredients are less likely to cause any irritation or allergy to your baby’s eyes.

    2. Free from harmful chemicals

    It’s also important to choose a kajal that is free from any harmful additives like lead, paraben, sulphates or artificial fragrance that may cause irritation or long-term vision issues.

    3. Smooth application

    Be mindful of the texture of the kajal as it should be smooth and easy to glide on baby’s eyes without tugging or pulling at the delicate skin around their eyes.

    4. Non-smudge formula

    Make sure the kajal is smudge-proof to help prevent it from spreading and causing irritation or discomfort to your baby’s eyes.

    To put an end to your search for a safe, natural and chemical-free kajal, we have crafted 100% Natural Baby Kajal. Enriched with fine ingredients like almond oil, pure cow desi ghee, vegetable carbon black, rose oil and coconut oil, it helps soothe dry eyes, relieves inflammation and keeps eyes clean and cool.

    How to Put Kajal in Baby Eyes?

    Now, let’s understand how to apply kajal for babies to ensure you don’t hurt your little one’s eyes in the process:

    1. Wash your hands

    Start by washing your hands with soap and water thoroughly. This will help prevent the transfer of any germs, bacteria or dirt from your hands to your baby’s eyes during application.

    2. Pick the right time

    It’s important to choose a time when your baby is calm and alert. If you apply the kajal when the baby is fussy or sleepy, it can be challenging and unpleasant for both of you.

    3. Position your baby comfortably

    Ensure that your baby is in a comfortable position such as on your lap or lying down so that they feel safe and it’s easier to apply the kajal.

    4. Gently apply the kajal

    Now, gently pull down the lower eyelid of your baby with your thumb. Using a clean kajal applicator or your fingertip, apply a small amount of kajal to your baby’s lower waterline. Avoid applying the kajal too close to the inner corners or on the upper eyelids to prevent it from entering the baby’s eyes.

    5. Clean any excess kajal

    Using a soft cotton swab or cloth, you can wipe off any excess kajal that may later spread around your baby’s eyes.

    6. Monitor for reactions

    After applying the kajal, keep an eye on your little one for any signs of irritation, redness, inflammation or pain. If any adverse reaction occurs, immediately remove the kajal and consult your pediatrician.

    The Bottomline

    Applying kajal for baby eyes can be your way of respecting age-old traditions and staying connected to your heritage. But don’t forsake the wisdom of modern parenting and choose a baby kajal that’s natural, toxin-free and safe for your little one. Here’s to raising happy babies!

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