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    Tips for New Dads to Make Friends with Other Fathers

    Written on 20 July 2021

    Life of a person changes significantly after entering fatherhood. In this situation, if you get friends who are going through the same phase of life, it would be a great help for you. Here, you have to know a few tips to make friends with other dads easily.

    Look for Common Grounds

    Similar to finding potential friends during the college years, new dads must search for common grounds to make friends with other new dads. You must try finding shared interests in religion, politics, sports, music, and similar others.

    Stay Honest

    Based on almost similar levels of trials and tribulations, we can say that raising kids involves a challenging experience. We encounter tons of emotions, which are even unknown to us. Approaching any other new dad in an almost similar type of situation may give you comfort, peace of mind and make you aware that you have the company of someone.

    Go the Places, where Other Dads Usually Go

    You may volunteer at the school of your kid if you find it fitting perfectly in your selected schedule. You must stay present and involve yourself in your kids's activities. In this way, you may easily find other dads in almost the same phase of life as you are.

    Stay in Touch Always

    Research studies on both fathers and mothers have proved that mothers or women are more comfortable to reach out to other moms or women by the help of social media or texts. However, communication with another man or dad is somewhat uncomfortable or unusual for busy dads. The case is very true while meeting someone just before some time. However, an easy way to make friends is to always stay in touch. For this, you must essentially take the first step by texting to your new friend and seeing whether he wants to have a coffee with you or enjoy any club-game.

    Avoid Complaining Frequently

    In most cases, dads often complain about their financial issues, wives, their children and many more. Complaining ones or twice is OK but never make it a habit, as no one wants to hear complaints every time.

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