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    Common Words that start with 'M' for Enhancing your Child's Vocabulary


    Common Words that start with 'M' for Enhancing your Child's Vocabulary

    Updated on 2 May 2024

    Words have power, they can be used for healing or hurting. They can cheer someone up in seconds, uplift, and motivate them to strive for excellence. Some mind blowing, magnificent, and magical words by m are covered in this write-up. Gear up for some exciting and fun lessons for your kid whether it is about animals or adjectives that start with m.

    List of Most Popular 'M' Words

    ‘M’ is an alphabet that forms many words, whether milk, muffin, mouth, or moon your child hears these words in everyday conversations. M words list many of your kid’s favorite such as mango or Mc Donald's French fries. If you are hooked on what are words that start with m, then scan the list below:

    1. Milk

    1. Monkey

    1. Money

    1. Market

    1. Mountain

    1. Music

    1. Magic

    1. Mouse

    1. Mat

    1. Mirror

    1. Moon

    1. Mud

    1. Man

    1. Muffin

    1. Mouth

    1. Month

    1. Moth

    1. Master

    1. Mango

    1. Mane

    1. Mixture

    1. Metal

    1. Melt

    1. Map

    1. Menu

    1. Manager

    1. Mister

    1. Mug

    1. Mundane

    1. Metro

    1. Muscles

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    Commonly used adjectives that start with 'M'

    Adjectives are the describing words that are an essential part of speech. They make the description about individuals, places, animals, things or ideas more engaging and improves visualization. Without adjectives, sentences may sound boring, so they make the language more vibrant and interesting. Here are some adjectives starting with m:

    1. Mild

    2. Mean

    3. Messy

    4. Mature

    1. Magic

    1. Maximum

    1. Minimum

    1. Moody

    1. Movable

    1. Marvel

    1. Mobile

    1. Makeshift

    1. Miniature

    1. Modest

    1. Mindful

    1. Merry

    1. Mellow

    1. Magnetic

    1. Merciful

    1. Motivating

    Names of countries that start with 'M'

    If you are playing Atlas, then you will not run out of countries that start with m, as they are in plenty. From Malaysia, Mauritius, Maldives to Mozambique, the list is long. Some of these places are tourist attractions and can become your next holiday destination. With no further delay, let’s check countries starting with m:

    1. Malaysia

    1. Mexico

    1. Mongolia

    1. Montenegro

    1. Madagascar

    1. Mali

    1. Malawi

    1. Maldives

    1. Mongolia

    1. Malta

    1. Myanmar

    1. Morocco

    1. Mozambique

    1. Mauritania

    1. Moldova

    1. Micronesia

    1. Marshall Islands

    1. Mauritius

    Names of animals that start with 'M'

    Animal that start with m include Monkey, Mole, Mongoose, and more. Educating your child about different animals helps to create an awareness about the surroundings. Animals adapt in different habitats and render a pivotal message to adapt to constantly evolving circumstances. Let’s check out the name of animals starting with m:

    1. Mole

    1. Monkey

    1. Manatee

    1. Manta Ray

    1. Mink

    1. Meerkat

    1. Maned Wolf

    1. Moose

    1. Mouse

    1. Mongoose

    List of things that start with 'M'

    While teaching your child, it is important to remember that while it’s exciting to teach fancy words, it is also crucial to tell them about mundane things such as a mop. Here is a list of common things that start with m:

    1. Map

    1. Mop

    1. Milk

    1. Mud

    1. Money

    1. Milkshake

    1. Mango

    1. Mug

    1. Make-up

    1. Medicine

    1. Meal

    1. Mittens

    1. Magazine

    1. Mobile phone

    1. Mask

    1. Mirror

    1. Microwave oven

    1. Mill

    1. Mountain

    1. Movie

    Collection of positive words that start with 'M'

    Positive words trigger positive emotions and empower our mental health. Just like adults, small children also need words of affirmation and positivity to spark optimistic behavior and thoughts. Here are some positive words that start with m:

    1. Magical

    2. Manifest

    3. Majestic

    4. Massage

    5. Magnetic

    6. Magnify

    7. Marry

    8. Mellow

    9. Mature

    10. Mark

    11. Masterful

    12. Motivational

    13. Marvelous

    14. Marvel

    15. Magnificent

    16. Malleable

    Simple 5 letter words starting with 'M'

    Some of the most common words have 5 letters in them. Therefore, it is a good idea to teach your kid 5 letter words starting with m to make them more fluent in English. It will not only help boost their vocabulary and grammatical skills, but also their confidence. Here are some of them:

    1. Money

    2. March

    3. Merry

    4. Marry

    5. Mouth

    6. Mango

    7. Mouse

    List of nouns that start with 'M'

    Nouns form an important part of speech and are generally part of introductory grammar lessons. Exposing your little one to nouns that start with m is a good way to prepare him/her for school learning. Let’s check some common ones:

    1. Man

    2. Mom

    3. Manager

    4. Master

    5. Magnet

    6. Market

    7. Machine

    8. Major

    9. Mechanic

    Simple verbs that start with 'M'

    Verbs are action words and are also an important aspect of speech. Make, mark and move are some of the verbs starting with m. Some of the common verbs that start with M are:

    1. Make

    1. Maintain

    1. Mark

    1. Map

    1. Move

    1. Measure

    1. Melt

    1. Mask

    1. Mend

    1. Miss

    1. Match

    1. March

    1. Map

    1. Manage

    1. Mash

    1. Massage

    1. Magnify

    1. Marvel

    Names of fruits that start with 'M'

    Fruits are a rich source of antioxidants and are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals. Knowing about different fruits can help your child express their needs properly and encourage them to pick healthy fruits. Some fruits that start with m are:

    1. Mango

    2. Mandarin Oranges

    3. Macadamia

    4. Malabar Plum

    5. Mulberry

    Final Words

    The alphabet m is a reservoir of many meaningful words ranging from motivation to muscles. Educating your child about words that start with m is an interesting way to add new words to his/her vocabulary. Childhood is a beautiful phase where young minds can imbibe information through fun and exciting games. So, happy parenting!

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