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    How can steam inhalation help my baby's blocked nose?

    Written on 13 May 2021

    Your baby's blocked nose can soon turn into a nightmare for you and your baby if not treated on time. A blocked nose means an irritated baby, and an irritated baby equals a stressed momma! So, what is it that you can do to ease your baby's condition? Medications are always there, but if there are natural ways to heal your baby, why go the medicine route?

    Steam Inhalation Is The Answer!

    Whether adults or babies, what is the first advice that you get for treating a blocked nose? No points for guessing, steam inhalation it is! It is the easiest and the most natural way of loosening the mucus present in your baby's nose. Once the mucus loosens, your baby will be able to breathe better and hence, sleep better.

    How To Assist Babies?

    Use a proper vaporizer if you can and take the appropriate precautions. Always make sure that you are present with your baby during the steam inhalation process. If you let loose, steam can be dangerous for your baby; and it may burn your child.

    A Vaporizer vs A Humidifier

    A Vaporizer is your regular steam where the water gets heated and converts into hot steam. This is a highly effective way to treat congestion in your baby's nose.

    Another alternative to this is - Switch on a hot shower and keep your baby at a distance from hot water. You and your baby can sit at a distance not too far from the steam. Let your baby inhale the hot steam that comes out as a result of the hot shower!

    A Humidifier can indeed be your best friend because it emits a cool mist and is much safer when compared to steam. It also creates a soothing environment for your baby to sleep well.

    Here are a few instructions that you can follow for a better steam inhalation process:

    • Make sure that your baby doesn't get too close to the steam or even the humidifier. Be attentive and alert at all times to avoid any mishap.

    • Avoid your baby getting directly in contact with the Vaporizer as there is a chance of hot water spilling all over your little one.

    • Keep your humidifier clean after use as there is a chance of bacteria or mold accumulating inside it.

    In a nutshell, steam is a great way to help your baby, but it is best not to force your child if your baby does not want to do it. Use saline drops instead. Also, vapor rubs are not recommended by pediatricians for babies below two years of age. Always check with a doctor before introducing anything new to your baby.

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