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    How to Choose a Gynaecologist for Your Pregnant Wife?

    Written on 20 July 2021

    Ever since you plan to have a child, you seek recommendations about the best gynaecologist. Often you ask your friends, relatives, neighbours, and co-workers for recommendations. Asking for suggestions and recommendations is a great way to start; however, choosing obstetrics and gynaecologist is completely a personal decision. It is because a good practitioner might not be fit for the other.

    Here are some of the tips that you must look for while choosing the best gynaecologist for your partner.

    Have a Glance at Your Insurance

    Determine what your insurance does and does not cover. Do not forget to review the benefits and inquire if you fail to understand any coverage part. It is a great time to understand the costs incurred. Search for the hospitals and providers included within the network and where you will receive care at the minimum cost. Try not to go out of the network as it incurs more cost. Remember, the bills might go high in case of complications, and your baby needs special care, such as a stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

    Consider Your Health History

    If your partner has any chronic medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, or previous pregnancy complications, she requires a high level of care. Staying within the network will be the most beneficial. A maternal-fetal medicine practice offers high-risk obstetric care, which is essential in these situations.

    Select a Hospital

    It is hard to resist ads that show beautiful staged photos of labor and delivery suites facilitating massages and pedicures. However, it would be best if you were realistic. You will likely not be in hospital much longer than a couple of days if your partner has vaginal delivery. Ensure to choose over style and focus on the following factors:

    • The hospitals that are present within the network

    • The level of NICU care the hospital offers

    • The prenatal education classes offered by the hospital

    • The type of care and lactation support offered after birth.

    Conduct a Research on Gynecologist

    After choosing the hospital, look at the list of physicians who practice there and compare them to doctors on your insurance plan. Narrow down your list and start researching. It is better to go for online reviews. However, it is better to inquire from your friends, neighbors, and colleagues who used those physicians’ services. You can also call and inquire whether the physicians would offer a session to their patients before enrolling them for care. Do not forget to ask about the doctor’s and their delivery team’s philosophies on issues that are of utmost importance to you, such as:

    • Pain management

    • Elective induction of labor post 39 weeks’ gestation or continuous monitoring of the fetal heart rate

    • Having a birth plan

    • Options for a vaginal delivery if you underwent a C section before

    • Their availability to solve your inquires during and after their office hours

    While you cannot predict what pregnancy, labor, and delivery will bring, you can get an idea of your doctor’s approach to your partner’s care. Ensure to analyze the way your doctor and their delivery team respond to certain situations.


    When you and your partner are pregnant, you need to take several things, and choosing the best gynecologist is one of them. Do proper research based on other factors such as insurance and your partner’s health history. Do not rush and go with the first name on your list. Ensure that your partner and your baby are in the most capable hands.

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