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    Jackfruit During Pregnancy Benefits, Risks & Side Effects

    Diet & Nutrition

    Jackfruit During Pregnancy Benefits, Risks & Side Effects

    Updated on 16 May 2023

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    Dt. Mansi Goyal

    Specializes in Critical Gestational Diabetes, PCOS Patients - BSC| MSC (Home Science, Food & Nutrition)

    Many expectant mothers ask themselves this question - "can I eat jackfruit in pregnancy?" The short answer to that question is an overwhelming YES. During pregnancy, eating more nutritious foods such as fresh fruits and green vegetables is always a good thing. A balanced diet gives the unborn baby the proper nutrients, while healthy eating keeps the mother healthy. But there are certain fruits and vegetables that pregnant women should avoid. Jackfruit, on the other hand, has great nutritional value. Jackfruit benefits in pregnancy are many, but it is also good to be aware of its side effects and risks.

    Health Benefits of Jackfruit

    Jackfruit is very nutritious. It contains a good amount of calories - one cup of jackfruit contains about 155 calories. But only 5 calories come from fat making it a very healthy option. Jackfruit is a good source of,

    • Folic acid
    • Thiamin
    • Niacin
    • Riboflavin
    • Vitamins A and C
    • Minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, and manganese

    What is most important is that this fruit contains very little saturated fat and cholesterol. It is also rich in fibers which help in healthy digestion and metabolism.

    Is eating jackfruit safe during pregnancy?

    Many women and even some doctors advise pregnant women not to eat jackfruit in pregnancy simply because there is not enough data to prove its benefits. Some women believe that eating jackfruit during pregnancy will cause miscarriage but that is not true. When consumed in healthy amounts jackfruit does not harm the mother or the baby.

    Risks of eating jackfruit during pregnancy

    While consuming jackfruit while pregnant is not unhealthy, it comes with certain risks -

    • Eating too much jackfruit can cause diabetes in pregnant women.
    • Jackfruits contain coagulating agents that stimulate blood clotting.
    • Eating too much jackfruit can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems.

    Jackfruit Benefits in Pregnancy

    Eating raw jackfruit in pregnancy first trimester may not be as helpful as consuming it more during the third. Nevertheless, there are tons of benefits to eating jackfruit in pregnancy.

    1. Tackles Stomach Issues

    Consuming jackfruit in moderation can help relieve various stomach ailments such as stomach ulcers found on the stomach lining during pregnancy.

    2. Stimulates the Development of the Baby

    Jackfruit can provide zinc, calcium, beta-carotene, and iron that help with the growth of the unborn baby.

    3. Regulates Blood Pressure

    Consuming healthy foods like jackfruit can help control blood pressure levels and ensure the health of both mother and baby.

    4. Relieves from Tiredness

    Eating healthy fruits and vegetables like jackfruit provides energy and relieves fatigue.

    5. Improves Digestion

    Nearly 10% of the recommended daily fiber intake can be satisfied by jackfruit's high fiber content. Digestive processes will be improved, constipation will be relieved, and bowel motions will be more efficient.

    6. Reduces Stress

    Jackfruit seeds are particularly advantageous since they include protein and a number of other minerals that reduce mental stress.

    7. Improves Immunity

    The immune system needs vitamin C to be strengthened, especially during pregnancy. Jackfruit is high in vitamins and helps improve immunity.

    Benefits of consuming jackfruit seeds during pregnancy

    Jackfruit seeds have many advantages for expectant mothers-

    • Jackfruit seeds, which are high in iron, aid in the fight against anemia. Pregnant women are often prone to iron deficiency, and consuming jackfruit in pregnancy can help fight this.
    • Jackfruit seeds are rich in minerals that can give pregnant women glowing skin, and beautiful hair.
    • Jackfruit seed consumption can also help in fighting off the common cold and flu.

    Jackfruit side effects during pregnancy

    Although jackfruit has a number of advantages for a pregnant woman, this does not guarantee its safety.

    • Consuming jackfruit occasionally causes a woman's blood sugar levels to change. Women with diabetes should therefore stay away from it.
    • Blood clotting is believed to be sped up by jackfruit.
    • Since jackfruit tends to serve as a natural laxative, eating too much of it can cause diarrhea and other excretory issues.
    • It is possible for some women to be allergic to jackfruit.

    How to include jackfruit in your pregnancy diet?

    Jackfruit can be eaten in a number of ways, such as as a raw fruit, a ripe fruit, or cooked as a vegetable. While pregnant, eating jackfruit chips is acceptable as long as it is moderated. One can also consume sliced jackfruit with grated coconut on top.

    Jackfruit selection and storage instructions

    When purchasing jackfruit in pregnancy, one should choose the unripe variety that is fresh, weighty, has a dark green color, and has firm thorns. Jackfruit benefits in pregnancy can thus be realized if consumed in moderation, and with the awareness of its side effects.


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    Dt. Mansi Goyal

    Specializes in Critical Gestational Diabetes, PCOS Patients - BSC| MSC (Home Science, Food & Nutrition)

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