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    Vaginal Bleeding

    How To Stop Bleeding During Pregnancy?

    Written on 14 July 2022

    Sometimes, a pregnant woman might experience vaginal bleeding. This usually happens to 25% of pregnant women. Also, about one-third to half of all women who bleed during pregnancy undergo miscarriage. Bleeding in the later stages of pregnancy could indicate a serious concern. There are various causes of bleeding in pregnancy and specific stages when it happens.

    A pregnant woman should know how much bleeding during pregnancy is normal and when urgent medical care is necessary. Also, she must know the treatments and ways to stop bleeding during pregnancy. The article will cover the most common instances of bleeding during pregnancy.

    Why does bleeding occur during pregnancy?

    There are several reasons for bleeding during pregnancy. Bleeding for a pregnant woman is quite common, especially before the first 3 months of pregnancy. However, vaginal bleeding during pregnancy indicates complications or an underlying condition. If a woman is pregnant and bleeds, she must consult a gynecologist immediately. It allows them to diagnose the actual cause of bleeding during pregnancy and rule out serious concerns. Many pregnant women experiencing bleeding give birth to healthy babies.

    To investigate the causes of bleeding in pregnancy, a doctor or a specialist might suggest tests such as an ultrasound test.

    Reasons for bleeding during the first three months

    A pregnant woman normally experiences bleeding at times. Some causes of bleeding during the early stages of pregnancy are:

    • Implantation bleeding

    If the implantation of a fertilized egg occurs in the uterus wall, it may lead to bleeding. It is a routine occurrence in early pregnancy.

    • Molar pregnancy

    When a fertilized egg implants in the uterus but results in the formation of a tumor instead of a fetus, it may also lead to bleeding. Such instances are rare in pregnancy.

    • Ectopic pregnancy

    It occurs outside the uterus (in fallopian tubes) and can be a serious concern.

    • Subchorionic hematoma

    The membrane surrounding the embryo inside the uterus can cause bleeding. Subchorionic hematomas heal with time.

    • Cervical polyps

    Higher estrogen levels resulting in noncancerous growth on the cervix can lead to bleeding during pregnancy.

    • Miscarriage

    At times, the pregnancy may terminate before 20 weeks. Usually, the symptoms begin with light bleeding and gradually lead to heavy bleeding with symptoms like severe cramping. It finally results in a miscarriage which can be mentally disturbing for the mother and the family.

    Reasons for bleeding in second or third trimesters

    Bleeding may happen in the second or third trimester due to these common reasons:

    • Placenta previa refers to a rare medical condition. It happens when the placenta covers some part or the entire cervix. This may occur once the pregnancy period has crossed a period of 20 weeks.

    • When the placenta is disconnected from the uterus's wall, it results in a condition called placental abruption. Such occurrences are quite rare and can have serious health implications on the fetus and the mother.

    • Preterm labor is going into labor before 37 weeks of pregnancy.

    • Incompetent cervix: The cervix dilates before time, causing premature labor.

    • Miscarriage: Loss of the pregnancy after the 20th week.

    Some other causes for bleeding during pregnancy are given below:

    • Sex: There might be instances of some bleeding after having intercourse. This is because the cervix is extra sensitive during pregnancy.

    • Pelvic exam or ultrasound: At times, the bleeding can occur after a pelvic exam or during a cervix transvaginal ultrasound.

    • Infection: Certain infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, STDs, or urinary tract infections can be the leading causes of bleeding in pregnancy.

    How much bleeding is normal in pregnancy?

    Bleeding, also referred to as spotting, is not entirely uncommon during pregnancy. However, we must consult the doctor, especially when unsure about the reason behind the bleeding or spotting.

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    How to stop bleeding during pregnancy naturally?

    There are no solutions to stop the bleeding immediately. It might stop naturally in a few hours, or at times, a pregnant woman might experience heavy bleeding over time.

    One of the easiest ways to stop bleeding during pregnancy is to take proper rest. If the bleeding doesn’t stop even then, the family must rush the woman to a specialist immediately. Also, after the diagnosis, a doctor or a specialist may suggest these things:

    • Taking time off work

    • Staying off the feet, i.e., complete bed rest

    • Not to have intercourse

    • Not to douche

    • Not to use tampons

    • Living a healthy lifestyle

    • Drinking plenty of water

    • Getting good sleep

    In cases of heavy bleeding, the woman might have to be admitted to a hospital or undergo surgery.

    How to stop bleeding during pregnancy in the second trimester?

    There are some tested ways to stop bleeding during the second trimester of pregnancy:


    Bleeding during pregnancy can be dangerous, but sometimes it might not be a real threat to the baby or the mother. However, the partner or the family must consult a specialist or a doctor immediately to find the reason for the same. Knowing the cause of bleeding during pregnancy is essential to ensure that the mother and the fetus are healthy.



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