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    Diet & Nutrition

    Baby's Food Chart This Month: Quantity and routine

    Written on 29 June 2018

    Breastfeeding is the sole source of nutrients for an infant until he or she is up to six months. It is the most effective way to provide proper nutrition to the baby. Breast milk is safe and clean and protects the newborn from long terms and short term diseases like asthma, obesity, and diabetes. It is rich in antibodies which in turn protect the baby from disease. In short, breastfeeding keeps the baby healthy.

    Now the question is what food the mother should eat while she is breastfeeding. We have got you covered in this article. Below is a list of food items you can include in your diet if you are breastfeeding.

    • Fish and seafood:

    Seafood is an important ingredient as it is very nutritious. Fish is rich in protein and has less saturated fat. It also has Omega-3. Nutrients in seafood protect and make the heart stronger.

    • Protein-rich food:

    A breastfeeding mother should take at least two to three servings of protein each day. In such cases, meat and poultry food items serve as the best source of protein.

    • Fruits and vegetables:

    They are rich in antioxidants and are rich in minerals. They also are a good source to keep oneself hydrated. Hence fruits and vegetables should be added to make a balanced diet.

    • Nuts and seeds:

    These are high sources of protein and essential minerals such as iron, zinc, calcium and healthy fats.

    As we have seen what is good for a mother who is breastfeeding, let us take a look at what diet one should follow to increase breast milk.


    Yes! These tall grasses of Guinness are key to increasing breast milk production. The catch here is that barley is the richest source of beta-glucan. Beta-glucan is rich in polysaccharides which increase prolactin, a hormone responsible for lactation. Barley malt is a germinated barley grain. When barley germinates, it turns into a sweet syrup and is also used as a replacement for maple syrup.


    These are the seeds obtained from fennel plants and can be a good food item for increasing breast milk. They are known for containing phytoestrogens which help in stimulating lactation. They are very popular for this purpose in East Asia and in India.


    These are the most in the diet meant for increasing breast milk. They are a rich source of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They can be taken either in the raw form of salad or in the cooked form to decrease the bitter taste. They increase the process of lactation and some are also rich in phytoestrogens.

    • OATS:

    They are a big yes for a balanced diet. Also, they are really easy to cook. It works just like barley as it helps in the process of lactation. So you can either have one of them, barley or oats.


    Garlic is not only famous for its taste enhancement but is also well known for its positive health benefits and is famous for lactation.

    Spices on the other hand are known as food supplements as it enriches our food with elements such as zinc, iron etc which helps in fulfilling the need of a mother who is breastfeeding.


    1. ALCOHOL:

    Breastfeeding mothers are advised to limit their alcohol consumption to up to one or two drinks only. This is said so because alcohol affects milk production and decreases it.

    2. CAFFEINE:

    Sometimes breast milk has some amount of caffeine as babies have a hard time digesting it as their metabolism is not that strong. Hence causing irritation and trouble sleeping.


    These food items have high saturated fat and when it goes into the baby's body through the milk, I can make the child gassy troubling it.

    Breastfeeding provides essential and all the nutrients required by the baby. Hence one needs to be very careful that the mother is having a proper diet suitable for breastfeeding because only a healthy mother can produce a healthy baby.


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