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    How to avoid pregnancy naturally after sex?

    Written on 16 June 2022


    Avoiding Pregnancy after sex is a sensitive topic due to the health risks and vulnerabilities for the woman taking the contraceptive. There are several facets to the issue that need to be viewed before coming to any conclusion. The first thing to understand is that a pregnancy risk generally arises after unprotected sex, which means not using any form of contraceptives before, after or during sex. Contraceptives can be of several types. Barrier methods, hormonal pills, patches, IUDs, and implants are just a few examples. However, hormonal pills, implants, and IUDs (Intrauterine devices) are not conventional or natural ways of preventing pregnancy. Therefore, in this post, we will focus on how to avoid Pregnancy naturally after sex.

    How to avoid pregnancy naturally?

    When it comes to avoiding pregnancy naturally, the most well-known method is consuming Neem, a spermicidal herb. This means that it does not block the sperms from swimming to the vagina, but then the sperms end up getting killed. Neem can be consumed by adding neem leaves to your tea or taking neem oil and neem extract. This contraceptive can be taken by both males and females. A final method of using Neem is to inject it through the vagina, effectively causing reversible infertility in a female for about a year.

    Another method of birth control is to use Pennyroyal (also known as spearmint), which is an excellent way to avoid unwanted pregnancies. The concept is very similar to how Neem works, and the only way to consume spearmint is by using it in tea. One thing to be aware of is the possibility of poisoning if an overdose occurs. The best recommendation in this situation would be to first consult your doctor before consuming Pennyroyal as a contraceptive.

    Some more naturally existing contraceptives include Black and Blue Cohosh. This natural contraceptive works by acting as a stimulant that stimulates the release of the endocrine hormone called oxytocin, which contracts the uterine walls, inhibiting or effectively blocking the possibility of a pregnancy. It must be consumed in the form of a brewed concoction after consultation with a doctor. Aside from herbs, certain dried fruits can help you avoid pregnancy naturally.

    Vitamin C can help you avoid pregnancy naturally. Taking two 500 mg vitamin C supplements up to three days after unprotected sex can help you naturally stop pregnancy. A word of caution: do not take vitamin C supplements if tested positive for pregnancy.

    Another remedy is taking dried apricots, which are supposed to be taken after intercourse. Mix dried apricots with honey and water and blend it to create a drink. To avoid pregnancy, gulp down one cup of the drink. This is a simple and effective method of birth control.

    One last method is parsley leaves which can be used readily. It doesn’t have any side effects, making it one of the most effective birth control methods available.

    Concerns with birth control methods

    There have been significant concerns about using birth control methods due to the involvement of a child and a mother. Lives have been affected before due to the readily available pills and other surgical procedures that can be undergone after medical consultations. The scepticism is somewhat understandable given the risks mentioned above involved in the process. Moreover, the health risks involved in the methods above are serious and should not be taken lightly.

    How to prevent pregnancy after sex without pills?

    As a sexually active individual, you must be aware of and on the lookout for warning signs such as pregnancy tests, missed periods, and, most importantly, trying and avoiding unprotected sex. Unprotected sex not only enables pregnancy, but also allows for the spread of STIs or STDs (Sexually Transmitted Infections or Sexually Transmitted Diseases). You can only avoid these by using condoms during intercourse, which is desirable for any sexually active person.

    Closing thoughts

    We hope that these simple but effective natural remedies will help you to avoid pregnancy naturally after sex. These natural remedies can be used to prevent pregnancy after having unprotected sex.

    Sex is considered a taboo subject in many cultures, owing to the private nature of the act and the requirement of consent between two willing adults. Therefore, there is a continuous dearth of reliable information on this topic. Due to this, misinformation is rampant. So, be sure of the advice you adhere to, especially in the case of birth control. The best advice is to see a gynaecologist who can recommend the safest and most reliable natural methods for preventing pregnancy. Have safe sex and stay healthy.

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