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    How to avoid pregnancy naturally after missing a period?

    Written on 16 June 2022

    A normal menstrual cycle is considered to be within 21-35 days, and if it gets delayed, especially after having sex, the fear of unplanned pregnancy can be real! Luckily, there are several natural remedies that help avoid pregnancy naturally after missing a period! There are several drugs on the market that can help induce a period, but these can be dangerous, especially if you are not pregnant. Before following any of the natural remedies, over-the-counter abortion drugs or herbal supplements, it is always best to test if you are pregnant or not. If you are still worried about the missed period after sex, here are a few tips on how to avoid pregnancy naturally after missing a period.

    How To Avoid Pregnancy Naturally - Natural Foods That Help Prevent Pregnancy & Induce Periods


    Ginger is a traditional method to help induce periods, as it is set to cause uterus contractions. You can intake ginger in the form of tea, as raw ginger can be unpleasant to eat. Slice 1 inch of fresh peeled ginger, and boil it for at least seven minutes. You can add a natural sweetener to the tea and drink it daily until you get your periods.


    Parsley has high levels of vitamin C in a peel, which can help stimulate uterus contractions. Make sure to avoid parsley if you have kidney problems. You can consume parsley in the form of tea as well. Instead of boiling the parsley, add a bunch of fresh parsley to a cup of boiling water and keep it for five minutes before you drink it.


    In case you have had unprotected sex, start eating papaya two times a day for the next four days. Papaya acts as natural birth control, by preventing fertilisation and controlling unwanted pregnancy after sex.


    Pineapple has a natural property of preventing implantation of the fetus, so eating ripe pineapple for 2 to 3 days continuously after having sex can avoid unplanned pregnancy.


    Apricot is yet another natural fruit, which can prevent implantation naturally. Consume 5-10 apricots every single day after intercourse, till your periods start. Alternatively, you can also purchase dried apricots, boil them and blend them into a mixture and drink it.


    Cinnamon does not work instantly, but can avoid pregnancy, and it can even cause abortion or miscarriages in some conditions. To avoid pregnancy after sex, you can consume cinnamon every day in the form of tea until your periods start.

    Herbs To Avoid Pregnancy After Missing Period

    Queen Anne’s Lace:

    This herb helps prevent implantation of the egg by creating an imbalance in progesterone synthesis. You can take the seeds for up to 7 days after unprotected sex, in the form of tea or concoction. You might experience side effects like constipation.


    Neem has been used as a contraceptive since ancient times! You can take in the form of extract, leaves or neem oil. Injecting neem oil through the vagina can effectively kill the sperms, preventing unplanned pregnancy.


    Spearmint is also an ancient method of contraception, which is very helpful even when taken in a small dosage. Make sure to drink this tea only once a day, as over conception can cause poisonous reactions.

    Cotton Root Bark:

    Cotton Root Bark in a dried form is an effective pregnancy preventing herb. It helps stimulate a hormone called oxytocin, which prevents pregnancy. You can take the bark in the form of tea.

    Black & Blue Cohosh:

    These herbs also help stimulate oxytocin, which prevents pregnancy by causing contraction of the uterus wall. Make sure to consult your doctor before determining the dosage that needs to be taken.

    How To Avoid Pregnancy After Missing a Period

    Following proper birth control methods is better than panicking after having unprotected sex or condom accidents. Here are a few natural remedies for birth control that are easy, safe and can be practised in the comfort of your home.

    Calendar method

    The calendar method involves tracking your menstrual cycles, to check on which days your ovulation starts! Ovulation of the days, where there are maximum chances of you getting pregnant. Avoiding having sex, during ovulation can reduce the possibility of pregnancy! To calculate this chart at least 12 cycles and subtract 18 days from the shortest mentioned cycle and 11 days from the longest one, to get the days which were most fertile.

    Temperature method

    The temperature method involves recording your body temperature to define your day of ovulation . During ovulation your body temperature rises impeccably, so preventing intercourse during these days can help in avoiding any unplanned pregnancy.

    Things To Keep In Mind While Using Natural Contraceptives

    Here are a few things to consider before using any of the home remedies mentioned above to avoid pregnancy naturally after missing a period:

    • Make sure to eat healthy food when taking any birth control measures.
    • Before you consider using any of these natural contraceptives, it is better to consult a gynaecologist for your safety.
    • In case you experience any abnormal side-effects, stop taking the remedy immediately.
    • The natural remedies mentioned above are not 100% effective, and some of them can also be harmful if used in the long run. So don’t over take it.
    • It is always ideal to practise safe sex, and consult your gynaecologist in case of any anxiety or fear.


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