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     Fat Vagina: Average Size, Types, Causes & More

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    Fat Vagina: Average Size, Types, Causes & More

    Updated on 30 April 2024

    Vaginas, or more precisely vulvas and all of their parts, can be found in a wide range of sizes and hues. Many women fear that their genitalia doesn't look "natural," but there is no such thing. The only "normal" is your norm. And unless you usually experience pain or discomfort, chances are, everything is alright.

    What Is The Average Size?

    When people talk about their "fat vagina," they often mean the part of their genitalia just above their labia (mons pubis). The mons pubis is where most people keep their pubic hair unless they prefer to go shirtless.

    Your mons pubis will be suitable for your body type and weight. As people of different body shapes tend to gain weight in different places, it's impossible to establish a universal standard.

    Inner and outer labia, like the mons pubis, come in dozens of shapes and sizes. All of the things about your vulva that make it unique are pretty natural.

    That's also true of the higher pubic region. Yet, the degree to which the area just below the belly button is fleshy and mushy varies on the individual's body composition.

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    What causes vagina fat?

    Anything from lifestyle habits to puberty or periods can cause a hairy fat vagina or fatty vagina.

    Can Your Mons Pubis Change In Size?

    The mons pubis has a high concentration of fat cells. As a person gains weight, more fat can accumulate here.

    Occasionally, hormonal imbalances are to fault. In women, the mons pubis and vaginal area may appear different in size at different menstrual cycle stages.

    Potential precipitants may include:

    • Menopause

    Despite the fact that hormones do play a role, significant weight gain is often related to personal lifestyle variables. What you eat and how much you exercise are both factors.

    You could still have a protruding stomach even if you shed many pounds. Your mons pubis may continue to protrude unless weight is decreased in the pelvic area.

    The skin may never be the same even if the weight is lost. Pouchy or sagging skin over the pelvic area are a potential side effect of weight loss surgeries like gastric bypass.

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    Can your labia "type" be influenced by the size of your mons pubis?

    The look and contour of your stomach will alter depending on whether you gain or lose weight there. Indeed, your vulva is the same.

    When the mons pubis changes shape due to weight gain or loss, the outer labia may follow suit. You may notice a difference in the appearance of your vulva if the form of your outer labia alters.

    It's possible, for instance, that your:

    • Outer lips look puffier

    • Outer lips hang lower than before

    • Inner lips are no longer exposed

    What Distinguishes FUPA From A Thick Mons Pubis?

    Despite their common usage, there is a difference between the two names for the same skin area. It's important to remember that your mons pubis sits just above your labia and nowhere else. Most of your pubic hair originates here.

    Contrarily, your lower stomach constitutes the upper pubic region. The term refers to the region above a person's pubic hair and below their belly button. Excess skin above the mons pubis, particularly if it sags, is what some people mean when they say they have FUPA.

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    Is it possible to have your mons pubis or upper pubic region smaller?

    Even though starting a new workout program can be easier, there's no way to know if it will lead to weight loss in one area. It depends on how much you weigh and what kind of body you have.

    This is why liposuction is becoming so popular. Excess fat can be removed surgically in targeted areas.

    1. Exercise

    When you work out regularly, it can help you lose weight and build lean muscle. In a surprising turn of events, you may find that as you lose weight, the size of your mons pubis or your thick vagina shrinks as well.

    Do these lower-ab exercises in addition to your regular fitness routine. The recommended routine is three sets of 25 reps, four times a week.

    2. Doing a V-pull:

    • You should lay flat on your back with your legs and arms above your head.

    • Raise your knees as high as you can and reach towards your toes.

    • Go back to the initial position.

    3. Mountain Climbers

    • Put your hands on the floor and get into a plank position.

    • Raise one knee to your chest and land back on your toes quickly.

    • Drop back down onto your toes after bringing the opposite knee to your chest.

    For a set of plank jacks, perform the following:

    • Assume the plank position.

    • In and out with both legs (like jumping jacks).

    • As a unit, this is one repetition.

    Be patient with yourself as you work toward weight loss and muscle gain goals.

    4. Surgical Procedures

    Both CoolSculpting and truSculpt are good ways to get rid of a chubby vagina. On the other hand, they use noninvasive ways to break up fat cells and make it easier for the body to eliminate them.

    Minimal bumps are the ones that respond best to these methods. They are not recommended as a means to lose weight or get rid of excess skin.

    5. Surgical Interventions

    A monoplasty (or pubic lift) is performed by a surgeon who uses a mix of liposuction and excision to get rid of vaginal fat and skin in the pubic region.

    Combining this with an abdominoplasty is a common practice. Because of its aesthetic nature, neither surgery will be reimbursed by insurance.

    When Do I Need To See A Doctor?

    Make an appointment with a doctor or other medical professional if you are concerned about your pubic area size. They will have the answers if you have any concerns or queries about how things look.
    Those interested in learning how to reduce vaginal fat might ask their doctor for a referral to a plastic surgeon or other specialists.


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