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    100 Simple Words That Start With 'I' to Build Your Child's Vocabulary at an Early Age

    100 Simple Words That Start With 'I' to Build Your Child's Vocabulary at an Early Age

    Updated on 25 April 2024


    A child is like clay in his/her early years. Just like clay can take any shape, the same rule applies to young kids too. They can easily absorb whatever inputs you add to their system. So, it is very important to introduce a wider range of words to your child at an early age so that his vocabulary improves, and he can easily identify things around him. You can start with simple words that are easy to pronounce and remember.

    If you’re wondering what are words that start with ‘I’, then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. There are so many words that start with the English letter ‘I’, you just need to know the right games and activities to introduce these words to your child. So, let the fun begin!

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    Collection of Words with 'I' 4 Letter

    If you check any English language dictionary, you’ll notice that there are not many words with starting with ‘I’. This is why many parents are found looking for answers to the question, ‘What are words that start with ‘I’?’. If you’re also sailing in the same boat and wish to teach your child new words start with an ‘I’, then you’ll be happy to read the list of 4 letter words with ‘I’ that we have curated for you.

    1. Iron

    1. Idea

    1. Into

    1. Ibis

    1. Inch

    1. Isle

    1. Idol

    1. Idea

    1. Icon

    1. Ipad

    1. Item

    1. Info

    1. Iced

    1. Ions

    1. Isn’t

    1. Inox

    1. Idli

    1. Idle

    1. Itch

    1. Inky

    These words that begin with I might look easy on the face of it, but imagine a three-year-old trying to pronounce and learn these 4 letter words starting with ‘I’. So, as a parent, it is your duty to introduce these words in a fun way so that the child not only learns them but can also use these words with ‘I’ in his day-to-day conversations.

    List of Names of Animals that Start with 'I'

    Welcome to the world of animals starting with an ‘I’. Read the list of animals which start with ‘I’ and improve your child’s wildlife knowledge. So, let’s get into it.

    1. Ibex

    1. Ibis

    1. Icefish

    1. Impala

    1. Indian Elephant

    1. Indian Cobra

    1. Iberian Frog

    1. Indian Rhinoceros

    1. Irish Setter

    1. Ivory-Billed Woodpecker

    1. Indri

    1. Iguana

    1. Imperial Moth

    1. Indian Palm Squirrel

    1. Inchworm

    Now if someone asks your child to name an animal that starts with ‘I’, your child can answer instantly.

    Activities to Teach Kids Words that Begin with 'I'

    Games are always the best way to teach young children a new concept. Similarly, these games and fun activities allow young kids to retain words starting with ‘I’ and use them often. Teaching words with starting with ‘I’ can be both fun and educational. So, here are some interesting activities to teach kids words beginning with ‘I’. After performing these activities all words beginning with ‘I’, will be easily imbibed by your child.

    1. Word Hunt- Make a list of 4 letter words starts with ‘I’ and tell the child to go on a word hunt around the house. This is a hands-on and fun activity to make young kids learn words start with an ‘I’.

    1. Cards with Pictures- Make picture cards of objects and animals starting with ‘I’. These cards can be shown to kids, and they will identify the word start with ‘I’. To make the session interactive, you can even mimic the sound of the animal starts with an ‘I’.

    1. Story Session- Read books that have ample characters and objects with ‘I’. Whenever you come across the word start with ‘I’, pause for a moment, and ask the child to repeat. At the end of the story, you can ask the child what is a word that starts with ‘I’ for reinforcement of the word.

    1. Craft- Take a newspaper and tell kids to find words starting with ‘I’. They can also look for an animal that starts with ‘I’. Now, using a colour, kids can circle the animals starting with an ‘I’ or words beginning with ‘I’. Parents can cut these words or animals and paste them on a sheet. This way they will have a sheet with all words beginning with ‘I’. This sheet can later be pasted on their cupboards where kids can see them regularly.

    1. Cooking Time- While cooking a simple dish, you can involve your child so that he can learn ingredients and words that begin with ‘I’. Like you can make igloo-shaped cookies, ice cream, etc.

    Include these simple activities in your daily routine and help your child expand their vocabulary by learning new words with ‘I’.

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    List of Things that Start with 'I'

    Now that your child can easily name an animal that starts with an ‘I’, here is the list of things that start with ‘I’.

    1. Icing

    1. Internet

    1. Iceberg

    1. Infection

    1. Injury

    1. Island

    1. Inhale

    1. Improve

    1. Illegal

    1. Issue

    1. Image

    1. Incense

    1. Iron

    1. Icebox

    1. Ink Pot

    Simple Action Words Beginning with an 'I'

    Thinking about what is a word that starts with ‘I’, here are some simple action words with ‘I’. Some of these can be 4 letter words starting with ‘I’, so note them separately.

    1. Imagine

    1. Ignore

    1. Inactive

    1. Itch

    1. Insert

    1. Introduce

    1. Increase

    1. Imitate

    1. Impart

    1. Identify

    Names of Common Veg Starting with 'I'

    So far, your child knows animals starting with ‘I’, four letter words starting with ‘I’, objects, things, and actions starting with ‘I’. Let’s find out names of common veg starting with ‘I’.

    1. Indian Mustard

    1. Irish Moss

    1. Italian Broccoli

    1. Iceberg Lettuce

    1. Indian Eggplant

    1. Ice Radish

    1. Ice Plant

    1. Italian Squash

    1. Ice Cream Bean

    1. Indigo Rose Tomato

    You can use these ingredients in the cooking activity and make your child learn big or four-letter words that start with ‘I’.

    Everyday Food that Start with 'I'

    Now that your child knows so many four-letter words starting with ‘I’ and animals which start with ‘I’, here is the list of everyday food that starts with ‘I’.

    1. Idli

    1. Ice cream

    1. Irish Stew

    1. Indian bread

    1. Iddiyappam

    1. Indian Chaat like Gol Gappe

    1. Indian Rice Dishes like pulao

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    You must have had fun knowing what are words that start with ‘I’. Now is the time to teach young kids these words and enhance their vocabulary. Initially, you might face difficulty teaching 4-letter words starts with ‘I’ or the names of animals start with ‘I’, because these are not used in daily conversation, but with enjoyable activities, everything is possible. Begin with the name of an animal that starts with an I and take the process ahead. Soon, this will become a part of your routine and your child will start looking forward to it!

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