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    Animal Sounds Library for Making Young Children Learn

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    Animal Sounds Library for Making Young Children Learn

    Updated on 30 April 2024


    Young kids have a fascination for animals and their sounds. The names and sounds of animals play an important role for kids because they sound fun to them. Many parents even choose a jungle theme or an animal theme for their kid’s birthday party. So, how about learning some new animal sounds and adding them to your child’s vocabulary? This way, your child won’t only learn new sounds but can also make new sentences using the words he learns. We are sure you won’t have to google animal sounds because your cup will be full after reading this article. So, let’s get started.

    List of Most Common Animal Sounds

    If you look around, you will notice that the world is filled with so many sounds, and amongst this pool of sounds, animal sounds are an important part of our natural environment. Understanding these sounds allows young kids to deepen their connection with the animal kingdom. Let’s discover the most common animal sounds like cat sounds, dog sounds, and many more.

    • Cat sound- Meow

    • Dog sound- Bark

    • Cow sounds- Moo

    • Elephant sound- Trumpet

    • Deer sounds- Grunt

    • Donkey sounds - Growl

    • Lion sound- Roar

    • Bird sound- Chirp

    • Rooster sound- Cock-a-doodle-doo

    • Owl sound- Hoot

    • Mouse sound- Squeak

    • Monkey sound- Chatter

    • Snake sound- Hiss

    Now, if anyone asks your child ‘what sound does a cow make’ or ‘what sound does an elephant make’, your child can answer instantly. So, teaching your child Animal and animal sounds not only enhances his/her vocabulary but also his knowledge about the environment.

    How to Identify Cat Sounds?

    Identifying cat sounds can be easy if you know different cat sounds. A cat produces different sounds that it uses for different purposes. A cat meow sound is a basic way of a cat talking to you. When the cat meowing sounds are shorter, this means she is asking for food or just saying hello. Longer cats meowing sounds mean that they want your attention. A cat meow sounds like a cat purring sound when she is happy and relaxed. Again, the cat meowing sound gets changed to hissing when she is upset. An angry cat sounds like growling. It can also mean that the cat is feeling threatened. Cats fighting sounds yowling which is a loud and drawn-out sound. Cat wheezing sound is a sign that she has a respiratory issue. Cat sounds to attract cats are also similar to purring. There is no separate or unusual cat call sound.

    If you have a cat at home, you can become familiar with your cat’s individual sounds over time.

    Types of Dog Barking Sound & What it Means

    Just like there are different cat sounds, like a cat calling sound is different from cat fight sounds, the same is true for dog bark sounds. Dogs also bark for different reasons, so here are some dogs barking sounds-

    • Alert dog bark sound- It is a short and sharp bark which means that the dog is alerting you for something alarming.

    • Playful barking dog sound- This is a high-pitched sound that is accompanied by a wagging tail.

    • Fearful barking dog sounds- It is like a dog whining sound which is followed by hiding to seek comfort. It seems similar to a dog crying sound.

    • Territorial barking dogs sounds- A territorial bark is a deep and prolonged bark that repeats after every interval which means that the dog is giving a warning of potential intruders.

    • A dog howling sound is continuous, meaning the dog is in distress or pain.

    • Attention-seeking dog barking sound- It is a repetitive bark followed by jumping.

    • Dog whistle sound is a high-frequency sound that is not audible to humans but can be heard by other dogs.

    Introduce these different dog barking sounds to your kids in a fun way and name it an animal sounds game. Also, tell your child what each bark of the dog sound means. Later you can give your child a situation and ask him what sound does a dog make in a particular situation. This way your child’s vocabulary will increase, and he will enjoy the whole process.

    Wild Animals Sounds

    Wild animals produce different sounds, which are used for various reasons like mating calls, warning signs, calling out to each other, etc. Some wild animal sounds are-

    • Animal sounds lion roar

    • Animal sounds mountain lion- Purr

    • Deer grunt sound

    • Sound of a fisher cat- Growl

    • Wolf- Howl

    • Bear- Growl or roar

    • Foxes- Bark or scream

    • Wolves- Howl

    Domestic Animal and Animal Sounds

    Now that your child knows wild animal sounds, it’s his turn to learn the domestic animals sounds.

    • Cow sound- Moo

    • Cat sounds meowing

    • Donkey sound- Grunt

    • Chicken- Cluck

    • Duck- Quack

    • Sheep- Baa

    • Goat- Bleat

    • Pig- Oink

    You make an animal sounds list and keep telling your child a few sounds every day.

    High Pitch Mountain Lion Sounds

    Mountain lions are also called pumas. They produce various high-pitched sounds like screaming. A mountain lion sound can be startling, and it is used for long-distance communication. Mountain lion sounds like screams are used to locate mates, warn fellow partners about any potential threats, or establish territorial boundaries. So, if someone asks your child what does a mountain lion sound like, the answer is it is mainly a high-pitched scream. This animal sound is distinctive.

    10 Main Elephant Sound

    You will be surprised to know that elephants can produce different types of sounds which are used for different reasons. Here are 10 different elephant sounds-

    • Trumpet signifies excitement, alarm, or aggression.

    • Rumble is a low-frequency sound used for communication.

    • Growl shows an aggressive nature.

    • Snort is used as a warning signal.

    • Purr shows that the elephant is relaxed and content.

    • Squeal is used to communicate with their mothers.

    • Roar is a loud and deep sound.

    • Grumble shows that the elephant is agitated.

    • Moan shows that the elephant is injured or distressed.

    • A chirp is a high-pitched sound used during social interactions.

    Teaching Cow Sounds to Children

    When it comes to teaching animal sounds to kids, the best animal sound sound that kids enjoy learning a lot is that of a cow. The sound of a cow is ‘moo’ and it is a low-pitched sound used for communication or giving signals. Kids love to mimic this ‘moo’ sound because it has a musical element to its sound. You can make your child learn the sound of a cow while telling them other farm animal sounds.

    Understanding Deer Sounds

    You must be wondering what sound does a deer make. Deer also produce different sounds to express different emotions. Let’s understand some common deer call sounds.

    • Grunt- Deer grunt sounds mean that it wishes to attract any fellow mate.

    • Bleats- Bleat is a high-pitched deer sound used to show distress or call offsprings.

    • Squeal- if you wish to know what sound does the deer make when it is separated from its mother, then it is squealing.

    • Whistles- When a deer is feeling startled, it starts emitting whistling sounds.

    What do Different Donkey Sounds Mean?

    After learning so many animal sounds (google), it’s time to know the sound from a donkey. The most common donkey animal sound is braying which is used for communication purposes. We can also say that bray is a donkey noise sound too. Donkeys also snort as a sign of agitation and may bellow to show their discomfort. Donkeys use soft nicker sounds for greeting and may produce a low grown when they are relaxed.

    Common Lion Sound to Teach Kids

    One of the most common lion sounds to teach kids is his roar. It is a deep and powerful sound that can be heard from far away. You can play animal sounds song to tell your child how the lion’s roar sounds.

    Sounds of Fisher Cats for Kids

    A fisher cat is usually found in forests. Here are some sounds of fisher cats that you can tell your child-

    • Scream- This sound of a fisher cat is generally loud and is used when the cat is distressed. It is also one of the sounds to attract cats.

    • Chatter- It is a series of rapid sounds for cats that show their excitement or agitation.

    • Growl- This is the sound of a fisher cat that is used when a cat feels threatened. Growl produces a soft cat meow sound effect.

    • Hiss- Fisher cats hiss to protect themselves when they are concerned.

    Identifying Bobcat Animal Sounds

    Just like a fisher cat, there is another cat called a bobcat that produces various sounds. The bobcat animal sounds include chatter, growl, scream, hiss, and purr. The bobcat cat sound meaning is the same as that of a fisher cat.

    All Types of Tiger Sounds

    Now is the time to learn some amazing tiger sounds.

    • Roar- This tiger sound is a loud and deep one that is used to warn other tigers when some animals enter their territory.

    • Growl is used when a tiger is agitated.

    • A tiger produces a moaning sound when he is relaxed.

    • A tiger makes a chuff sound as a friendly greeting to other tigers.

    • A hissing sound is made by a tiger when the tiger feels threatened.

    Decoding Coyote Animal Sound

    Decoding a coyote animal sound will help your child understand its nature. Some common ones are-

    • Howl- It is a high-pitched sound used for communication over long distances.

    • Growl is used by coyotes as a warning signal given to rivals.

    • Yip is like the sound of a dog barking that is used during social interactions.

    • Whine is a fun sound used during social interactions with adult pack members.

    Understanding Whitetail Deer Sounds

    You will be happy to know that whitetail deer sounds are the same as the normal deer sounds, so you don’t have to teach your child any additional whitetail deer sounds.


    Learning animal sounds is always fun for small kids but only when these sounds are taught to them in a fun manner. You can play some songs, read books, show videos, and even introduce games that will make learning animal sounds easier for your kid. By now your child will be ready for identifying nocturnal animal sounds and can even take part in an animal sounds quiz.

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