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    Children with White hair? What are the causes?

    Written on 1 August 2022


    Greying of hair is generally associated with age. However, white hair in kids is something to worry about. The best way to manage it is to know why kids get white hair and take necessary preventive measures as early as possible.

    Why Do Kids Get White Hair?

    A child with white hair could be due to vitamin or mineral deficiency. But there are several other reasons for white hair in kids:

    1. Genetics

    The most common cause of early greying of hair is genetics. Children have a higher chance of greying early if parents or grandparents had a similar problem in childhood.

    2. Medical Conditions

    The early onset of greying may indicate something of concern. Loss of pigmentation of hair is a symptom of several conditions, like vitiligo and piebaldism. You may experience vitiligo if melanocytes fail to produce melanin. In the skin, this is distinguished by white patches. Likewise, when the thyroid gland doesn’t function properly, it produces white hair.

    3. Deficiency of vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 deficiency can also result in premature greying in children. Vitamin B12 is not found sufficiently in a vegetarian diet, so children with a vegetarian diet are at more risk of developing this condition.

    4. Stress

    It’s rare, but stress may also result in premature white hair in a few children. However, several environmental factors like air pollution, UV rays, and some shampoos can result in white hair.

    5. Use of chemical based Soaps and Shampoos

    There is plenty of evidence to show that modern-day cosmetics, especially hair care, include more chemicals than natural supplements. This hurts hair health and makes them frizzy, rough, and, sometimes, grey prematurely.

    6. Exposure to Smoke

    Smoke should be avoided since it has adverse effects on hair ageing. Cigarette smoke is the most dangerous since it can cause premature greying. Even passive smoking can cause stress and reduce the production of melanin, an important hormone for growth. All forms of smoking (active or passive) should be strictly prohibited, especially near children.

    7. Poor diet

    Fast food contributes to premature greying significantly. Protein deficiency aids early greying of hair. For good hair health, a balanced diet is essential.

    8. Anaemia

    Anaemia causes fatigue which, in turn, causes premature greying. In certain cases, it has been found that pernicious anaemia affects normal growth and aids premature greying of hair.

    Treatment for White Hair in Children

    There is no treatment for white hair. But you could focus on a healthy diet to prevent early greying of hair in your children. Ensure proper nutrition. If the need arises, take supplements for vitamin B12 and minerals like copper and zinc. But do consult a dietician or your doctor before you take these supplements. But if you think your child might have premature greying due to genetic reasons, you must consult a doctor.


    White hair in children could result from several genetic, environmental, and nutritional factors. Although most of the cases are genetic, you may not prevent them. However, if you are worried about your child’s white hair, consult a doctor to understand the cause and find possible treatments.



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