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    What to do if toddler hates bathtime?


    What to do if toddler hates bathtime?

    Updated on 31 October 2022

    Not all toddlers are fond of bathing. But don't worry, you can make bath time interesting for them using some helpful tips and tricks. In this article, we will discuss about certain activities you can do and things you can buy to create a fantastic bathing time for your toddler.

    Activities on how to bathe a baby

    The tiling in the bathroom is an excellent place for your youngster to draw on the walls. Simply provide them with the necessary tools and watch as her imagination soars. Some of the available options are soap crayons, bathtub finger paints and markers, reusable stickers, and foam forms that stay when wet.

    1. Create a fantastic world

    You may transform your bathtub into a pirate ship sailing the high seas or a fishing craft combing the ocean floor for the next great catch. But, of course, Bathtime can be made more interesting by telling stories, so get out your favorite water-themed tales and encourage your child to imagine along with you.

    2. Play some music in the background

    Play some jazzy music on your phone to add to the jazzy atmosphere of bath night.

    Please make use of your tub. The baby bathroom is enough, but yours is spectacular! Permission to use your bathtub for your toddler's shampoo is a wonderful gift.

    3. You should substitute real toys

    Bath toys begin to lose their appeal after a time, so look around at all of the other plastic toys in your child's room for inspiration. Army men, plastic animals, and dolls are all safe to use in water, and most of them float.

    4. Include a tasty treat

    Even while drippy ice pops are difficult to handle at the kitchen table, they're perfect in the shower. So keep dessert for this easy-to-clean area, and flush the sweet, sticky mess down the toilet after eating it.

    5. Make a racing course out of cardboard

    Bring your child's vehicles into the bathroom and use the whole tub as a play area for them. For example, automobiles such as Mini pickups and convertibles may vroom and zip down the tub's edge.

    6. Come and join in the fun

    You undoubtedly used to bathe in the same tub with your child, but she's long since forgotten. Although your child will most surely be delighted by the novelty of squeezing in now, Bonus: She can take care of your back and feet as you sit back and enjoy yourself.

    7. Try your hand at making some DIY bath toys

    Consider making a splash with the introduction of bath toys that your child is guaranteed to enjoy. These easy-to-make baby toys for the tub can keep your child entertained while bathing, and they are also really creative (and low on out-of-pocket expense).

    8. Water balloons that are safe for babies

    What makes great baby bath toys? Items that most infants can easily grasp and manage. These DIY water balloons will be a hit, thus their low cost. Allow your honey to help you fill Ziploc bags with water to three-quarters full, then seal and return them to your kids. You should not use real balloons as they may break and pose choking concerns to small children. Holding, shaking, pressing, or flinging them back into the water is all part of the enjoyment. Put a little plastic colander at the other end of the tub and teach your youngster how to shoot a basketball.

    9. A spray gun, to be precise

    Real water guns are too heavy for little hands. This easy-to-make baby toy uses a plastic turkey baster to generate the same effect. Allow her to watch while you compress the bulb, wet the bulb's tip, and fill the tube with water. Shoot softly at her plump thighs and show her how to aim at different tub toys. She could also use the baster to blow bubbles underwater, which would be a fun trick and help her build hand strength as she squeezed it. No turkey baster? A nose-bulb syringe works just as well and is easier to grip. Make sure you have a spare suction tube handy for when your kid is sick. You don't want to put a moldy baby bath toy up her nose.

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