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    Top 10 Short Moral Stories For Kids In English

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    Top 10 Short Moral Stories For Kids In English

    Updated on 1 November 2022

    Most parents frequently turn to stories while attempting to teach their children significant moral lessons. Reading to older kids is a wonderful approach to conveying words of wisdom in a way they can easily retain. These stories stimulate their creativity and provide valuable lessons that add to their holistic development. So instead of simply telling your child what to do or not, narrate one of these stories.

    Top 10 short moral stories for kids in English

    Here are the top ten short moral stories you can read to your child in English:

    1. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    A child pranks villagers twice by calling out for help to be saved from a wolf. The villagers gather only to realise he is lying. So when he calls for help the third time, everyone thinks it's a prank, and no one reaches out to help him. Sadly, the wolf is for real, and it eats the child. It is a great short story for kids in English to teach a child not to lie, prank, and make fun of others.

    1. The Golden Touch

    This small story for kids in English is about a greedy king who seeks the blessing of turning everything he touches into gold. Everything goes smoothly until the king touches food that turns into gold which he can't eat. And then he turns his daughter into a statue of gold with a touch. In this story, your child learns that greed has harsh consequences.

    1. The Golden Egg

    This story talks about a farmer who killed his goose. The goose was not ordinary - it laid one golden egg each day. But out of greed for more, the farmer killed the goose, hoping to find more golden eggs in its stomach. It's an interesting story that teaches children lessons about actions and consequences.

    1. The Ant and the Grasshopper

    A popular tale about two friends - a hard-working ant and a fun-loving grasshopper. The ant works all summer to build its home and collect food while the grasshopper merrily dances away. As winter arrives, the grasshopper dies of cold and hunger. This tale tells your child to put in efforts at the right time rather than repenting later.

    1. Bundle of Sticks

    If you are looking for bedtime stories for kids in English, this is a good one. In this, an older man gives three people one stick each and asks them to break it. They can break it easily. Next, he gives them a bundle of sticks to break, which they aren’t able to. A person can break sticks individually, but not a bundle of them. This story states the importance of unity and standing together.

    1. The Hare and the Tortoise

    Almost everyone has heard the story of the hare and tortoise race. The hare sprints and, assuming it will win, stop for a nap in the middle of the race. The tortoise, meanwhile, continues to slowly and steadily move forward until it wins the race! There's a lot to learn here - the hare teaches that overconfidence can destroy your chance of success. The tortoise is an example of working consistently.

    1. The Thirsty Crow

    A thirsty crow spots a pot with a little water at the bottom. The crow fills the pot with pebbles, one at a time, till the water level rises. The crow is then able to drink that water. The story is a beautiful way of teaching that each problem has a unique solution as long as one keeps trying.

    1. The Ugly Duckling

    It’s the story of a duckling who looks different and feels like an unwanted, ugly misfit. But when he's grown up and comes across a family of swans, he realises he is a swan, and that's why he didn't fit with the ducks! An engaging story that will help children learn that each person is unique and one should not judge on looks.

    1. The Milkmaid and Her Pail

    A milkmaid goes to the town carrying two pails filled with milk to sell. Busy daydreaming about the things she'll buy with the money from selling the milk, she trips, spills the milk and shatters all her dreams. This is a great tale to teach your child to focus more on actions than daydreaming. It is also a good option if you are looking for moral stories for kids in English for a competition.

    1. The Bear and Two Friends

    Two friends encounter a bear in the jungle. One friend climbs the tree but refuses to help the other one. Since the other friend can't climb the tree, he decides to play dead. The bear goes to the second, sniffs him, and walks away. The story is a brilliant account of how helping a friend in need is true friendship.


    Moral stories for kids In English are a great way to interact with a child, impart knowledge and increase vocabulary. To make the story reading session more interactive, parents can prompt the child to analyse and discuss the moral of the story. This pushes them to think logically and analyse situations better.

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