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      Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding Schedules

      Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding Schedules

      Updated on 29 August 2023

      Some moms have a good milk supply and choose to exclusively breastfeed their infants. Others have a low supply and worry about what to feed the baby when there is no breast milk.

      Some popular FAQs on breastfeeding and formula feeding have been answered below.

      Can a baby be fed both breastmilk and formula at once?

      Yes. You can safely use both breastmilk and formula feeding at the same time. Some moms breastfeed during the day and formula-feed the baby at night.

      Body weight-based formula feeding

      You can use 75ml of formula for every pound of your baby's weight. Do check in with your paediatrician for confirmation.

      On-demand feeding

      Feeding the baby whenever he/she is hungry is called on-demand feeding. Babies usually need to be fed every 2 to 3 hours.

      The quantity and timing of baby formula feedings

      Each baby has a different appetite and it is common for a newborn to feed once every 2 to 3 hours. You should bond well with your baby to understand his/her feeding needs.

      Eating & sleeping patterns

      Newborns usually need to be fed once every 2 to 3 hours and they take naps after each feeding session. You will understand your baby's eating and sleeping patterns after some time.

      Understanding your infant's dietary needs

      You can feed your baby whenever he/she is hungry or at regular intervals of 2 to 3 hours. Look out for visible cues of hunger like sucking and prepare their feed.

      What advantages come with part-time nursing?

      1. Easier to wean the baby from breastfeeding to formula feeding.
      2. Gives recovery time for new moms.
      3. Undisturbed sleep for the mom.

      Can I give my baby formula at night and breastfeed during the day?

      Yes, you can. Rope in your partner to take care of the nighttime feedings and sleep undisturbed.

      Reasons for combination feeding

      1. Going back to work.
      2. Undisturbed sleep.
      3. Low breastmilk supply.

      Mixed-feeding advantages and disadvantages

      Mixed feeding allows moms to get some rest and sleep undisturbed. But, breastmilk supply may decrease if the mom does not express milk.

      Part-time nursing options

      1. Breastfeed during the day and formula-feed at night.
      2. Alternate between breastfeeding and formula throughout the day.
      3. Formula-feed through the day and breastfeed at night.

      Partial weaning for working moms

      Working moms can partially wean their infants by giving them formula milk when they are busy/at work. They can breastfeed at home at a convenient time or use expressed milk.

      What impact will partial weaning have on milk production?

      Partial weaning may cause a reduction in breast milk production. If you continue to express milk at regular intervals then there might not be any change.

      Steps for beginning formula feeding

      1. Clean the bottle thoroughly before use.
      2. Use the formula recommended by the paediatrician.
      3. Mix in the right quantities of formula and warm water.
      4. Check the temperature of the milk before feeding your baby.

      What percentage of babies use formula?

      Parents of 75% of babies who are over 6 months old choose to use formula milk for feeding them.

      Does supplementing with formula reduce the benefits of breastfeeding?

      Formula-fed babies get lesser breast milk for feeding. But breastfeeding even a couple of times a day is still beneficial for your baby.

      Best baby bottles for combination feeding

      For combination feeding, you need to choose a baby bottle with a nipple that resembles a natural nipple. This helps to avoid nipple confusion for the baby.

      How do you mix formula with breast milk?

      You can mix in your breastmilk with formula but do not substitute it for water. Add in a little breast milk with the formula and use it within an hour of mixing it.

      How to prepare powdered infant formula?

      1. Measure the right quantity of the formula and add it to the baby bottle.
      2. Warm clean water and pour the right amount into the bottle.
      3. Shake the bottle to allow the formula to mix well with the water.
      4. Check the milk's temperature before giving the bottle to your baby.

      Guidelines for combining formula and breast milk in the same bottle

      1. Do not substitute breastmilk in place of water when mixing formula milk.
      2. Add a little quantity of breastmilk to the prepared formula milk.
      3. Ensure that the milk is used within an hour of mixing it and discard leftovers.

      The amount of formula for combination feedings

      You can feed your baby whenever he/she gets hungry or fussy. You can consult your paediatrician or use 75ml of formula for every 1lb of your baby's weight.

      Breastfeeding and formula feeding schedule

      Create a schedule that works for you and your baby. You can breastfeed during the day and formula feed at night or vice versa. You can also use breastfeeding and formula both for the baby throughout the day.

      Combination feeding schedule 6-Month-Old

      Here is an example of a combination feeding schedule of a 6-month-old baby

      Bottle feeding throughout the night when needed.

      • 7 a.m. - Breastfeeding when the baby wakes up.
      • 9 am to 10 am - Formula milk for the second feeding followed by nap time.
      • Noon - Baby food.
      • 2 pm - Breastfeeding followed by nap time.
      • 4 pm to 5 pm - Baby food.
      • 7 pm - Breastfeeding and bedtime.

      Combination feeding tips

      Money-saving tips for moms buying formula

      • Buy formula in bulk.
      • Check for online deals.
      • Use coupons.

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      As a parent, you should choose what is best suited for your baby - breastfeeding, formula milk, or combination feeding. Keep your paediatrician informed about the baby's feeding habits and monitor his/her weight regularly.

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