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    Pregnancy Journey

    Advantages of drinking barley water during pregnancy.

    Written on 30 September 2020

    Having a tiny human growing inside you can be the happiest feeling ever, but the most intimidating and overwhelming too. During this time, you start getting tons of advice from everyone around you about what you should eat and what you shouldn't. So it becomes pretty challenging to choose a healthy, wholesome, and nutritious option. One such option with mixed opinions from people is the consumption of barley water in pregnancy.

    According to popular belief, pregnant women who consume the recommended amount of barley water will benefit most from its inclusion in their diet. The consumption of barley, however, is riddled with misunderstandings and misperceptions. It might be challenging to know what to eat during pregnancy when the mother-to-be isn't sure what's best for her.

    Additionally, barley water consumption can be an excellent supplement for pregnant women when ingested in the correct amount. Let us discuss this topic more below!

    What Is Barley?

    Barley ranks third on the global cereal grain consumption list, behind rice and wheat. Because of the bran, barley grains have a coarser feel than rice grains. Grains of barley become starchy and nutty when cooked. Barley is a common ingredient in many dishes, including pieces of bread, salads, and even malts. In addition to being high in fiber and other nutrients, whole-grain barley is also a good source of protein. As a result, doctors recommend pregnant women drink a small amount of Barley Water.

    What Is The Nutritional Value Of Barley?

    There is a distinct flavour to barley, but it is also an excellent source of fiber, vitamins, magnesium, niacin, copper, and other nutrients. This product can meet a large portion of one's daily manganese and selenium needs. What is best is that barley is entirely free of cholesterol.

    This is what one cup of hulled barley, which is about 184 grammes, holds, according to medical news today:






    135 grams

    Dietary fiber

    31.8 grams


    22.96 grams


    4.23 grams


    832 mg


    486 mg


    245 mg


    61 mg


    8.5 mg


    6.62 mg


    5.1 mg


    1.2 mg

    Vitamin B6

    0.585 mg


    0.524 mg


    35 mcg

    Is It Safe To Drink Barley Water In Pregnancy?

    Drinking barley water, often known as 'barley kanji,' is a healthy habit. Barley water benefits for a pregnant woman can be many! Barley water has a nutty flavour and also promotes good health.

    Preventing various health problems and nourishment of the body can be achieved by drinking barley water in pregnancy on a regular basis. Besides salads and stews, you can also add them to steamed veggies.

    As a remedy for a variety of problems, including constipation and stomach cramps, pregnant women should drink barley water. Diuretic effects, however, may cause some discomfort for expecting moms. Barley water consumption during late pregnancy stages can drain a lot of fluid, which reduces water content in the uterus and can lead to abnormalities on the ultrasound.

    Advantages Of Drinking Barley Water In Pregnancy

    There are plenty of health benefits of barley water. Let's discuss a few barley water benefits below:

    • Barley water is an excellent source of minerals such as iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. All of these nutrients are highly beneficial in keeping a mother's body healthy and fit. Barley water's diuretic properties enhance your urination rate, which helps your body get rid of excess fluids.
    • Barley water also helps pregnant women by reducing their stomach inflammation.
    • Barley water also helps in the regulation of bowel movements and the prevention of hemorrhoids and constipation. This is possible due to the fiber present in barley water. However, when consumed in excess, barley water can also aggravate gastrointestinal issues during pregnancy.
    • The consumption of barley water on a regular basis helps to lessen the effects of morning sickness and nausea. It also reduces the intensity of stomach cramps and irritations when taken with food. Copper, found in barley, helps keep your joints, bones, and blood vessels as flexible as possible.
    • Barley can also help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce the development of gestational diabetes in pregnant women.
    • Folate, found in barley, protects the baby from contracting some forms of prenatal illnesses, such as spina bifida, during pregnancy.
    • This cereal contains niacin, which helps keep pregnant women's digestive systems running smoothly. Also known as an anticoagulant, it is imperative during cesarean section or normal delivery of the baby, depending on the circumstances.
    • Barley water aids in the growth and repair of tissues. Keeping your baby in your womb is really crucial.
    • As a bonus, the benefits of drinking water during pregnancy also includes milk production and secretion in nursing mothers.
    • Pregnant women can lower their cholesterol levels by drinking Barley water. As a result, the risk of cardiovascular disease in pregnant women significantly decreases.
    • It helps wash out toxins from the body and prevents stomach swellings or illnesses from occurring.
    • According to a study, a pregnant woman's health is at risk if she consumes excessive amounts of caffeine. Because it contains such a small amount of caffeine, barley tea is an excellent choice for pregnant women.
    • Pregnant women usually face one common discomfort: swelling in the legs. Fortunately, barley water can help alleviate this discomfort.

    Common Risks Of Barley Consumption For Pregnant Women

    We have already discussed the benefits of drinking barley water during pregnancy. However, we must also know some common risks that a pregnant woman might face if she consumes barley excessively.

    • You must understand that women who have consumed barley water in pregnancy have reported facing rashes, enhanced itchiness, and difficulty in breathing as well.
    • The consumption of barley water in excess might result in birth abnormalities and even miscarriage in pregnant women.
    • The barley dust can cause eye pain, breathing difficulties, and sinus problems.
    • Fungus-infested barley can cause bone damage.
    • Because of its high gluten content, barley should be avoided by those with gluten allergies.
    • Rectal haemorrhage can be caused by excessive consumption of barley water in pregnancy.

    How To Prepare Barley Water?

    Compared to commercial barley water, which is loaded with sugar and additives, homemade kanji is a lot better choice for your health. A step-by-step guide on making the barley water follows

    1. After properly cleaning the barley grains, soak them in water for around four hours.
    2. Add 3 to 4 cups of water to the water that has been strained out.
    3. Allow the mixture to come to a boil, then remove the lid.
    4. Let it simmer for an hour until the grains are softened and cooked to your satisfaction.
    5. Let the mixture cool completely.
    6. The next step is allowing the mixture to cool completely before straining it through a sieve.
    7. See if the grains sink to the bottom of a cup when you pour the mixture there.
    8. On a daily basis, drink around a cup or two. In order to enhance the flavour, lemon juice or honey can be added.
    9. You can also refrigerate the leftover barley water and store it for up to three days.
    10. The barley grains can also thicken soups, stews, and smoothies by themselves.


    The benefits of drinking barley water during pregnancy are immense and one cannot deny that. There are so many nutrients present in barley that can work wonders for a pregnant woman. However, you must always choose to make barley water at home and avoid ready-to-drink barley water. This will ensure that you get to drink only fresh barley water. Remember to not consume barley water in excess and in case of any discomfort, do not think twice to contact your doctor!

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