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    10 Best Healthy & Refreshing Homemade Pregnancy Drinks

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    10 Best Healthy & Refreshing Homemade Pregnancy Drinks

    Updated on 28 November 2022

    Before embracing motherhood, you might feel like you are experiencing a roller coaster ride during the entire phase of pregnancy. A pregnant woman experiences nausea, dizziness, morning sickness, and a lot of mood swings with all those hormonal, mental, and bodily changes. As soon as you begin your precious journey you are flooded with all those suggestions from your loved ones and doctor about your diet, stress levels, fluid intake, exercise regime, and so forth. One of the most prominent things that your doctor must have told you during pregnancy is to stay hydrated all the time during all the trimesters.

    Healthy Homemade Pregnancy Drinks

    Besides drinking plenty of plain water like camel during your pregnancy, you can try these yummy, healthy and refreshing homemade drinks to stay hydrated all the time:

    1. Milk- Based Drinks

    For proper growth and development of the fetus your doctor will recommend you to take a liquid diet that is rich in calcium, protein, and Vitamin-B12. Milk is the first thing that comes to the mind after a doctor’s recommendation. You can try different kinds of flavored milk if you feel nauseated while consuming plain milk. You can add cardamom powder, rose essence, vanilla essence, mango pulp, chocolate, banana, etc. To keep your system cool and light you can also drink buttermilk, chilled skimmed milk, and soy milk. If you can’t drink milk-based drinks then you must try other dairy products like cheese, yogurt, etc.

    2. Coconut Water

    This miraculous natural drink restores the electrolytes and mineral salts in the body of a pregnant woman. It prevents you from heat strokes, dehydration, and constipation during pregnancy. It is one of the healthiest options when it comes to relieving your exhaustion.

    3. Lemonade (Nimbu Pani)

    This refreshing drink helps a lot if you are struggling with morning sickness and digestive problems. You can even add crushed ginger, mint leaves, and tangy chaat masala to make it even more tempting. It helps in detoxifying your system and prevents nausea.

    4. Fresh Fruit Juices

    You can go to a supermarket or ask someone else to choose and pick your favorite seasonal fruits. After the fruits have been delivered to your home you must properly wash them and take help from a family member or maid and extract pulpy juice out of those fresh handpicked fruits. You must strictly avoid packaged juice as they are full of artificial flavors, high in sugar, low in fiber and has no nutritional value.

    5. Traditional Home - Made Drinks

    You will love re-discovering these traditional coolers that are made from different spices, condiments, herbs, and seasonal fruits. Jal jeera, Aam Panna, Shikanji, Bel sherbet, Lassi, Phalsa sherbet, Chandan sherbet, Thandaai, Kokum sherbet, Imli ka amlana- These healthy drinks provide various nutrients and help in combat morning sickness.

    6. Iced Tea

    When your doctor asks you to give up on the caffeine then you can satisfy your cravings with refreshing iced tea. It doesn’t contain caffeine and helps you get rid of nausea and morning sickness. You can also add flavors like lime and peach to it to make it more appetizing.

    7. Home Made Vegetables Juices

    If you don’t feel like eating those colorful vegetables during your pregnancy then you can easily extract juice out of them and add it to your diet. The refreshing drink will be loaded with nutrients and will make you active the whole day long. You can make juice of carrot, beetroot, tomato, ginger, cucumber, bottle gourd, etc.

    8. Fruit Mocktails

    Although you can’t consume alcohol during pregnancy however nobody stops you to party with your friends. You can call your girl gang at your home and ask someone to prepare fruit mocktails for you all. You must avoid carbonated water and strictly prefer infused fruit juices. The refreshing drink will uplift your mood and is healthy for you and the baby.

    9. Smoothies

    Home-made smoothies are so yummy and easy to make. To make this lip-smacking drink all you have to do is blend milk with your favorite seasonal fruit like strawberry, banana, sapodilla, or mango. The smoothie is full of nutrients, fiber, and calcium.

    10. Sugarcane Juice

    It provides you instant energy and cools down your digestive system. It helps in the healthy growth and development of the fetus and keeps the functioning of the liver under control. It prevents neural birth defects in the baby and keeps your immune system strong.


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