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    Pregnancy Tests

    Do All Women Require Folic Acid & Progesterone Tablets After A Positive Pregnancy Test Result?

    Written on 21 November 2020

    Did you recently find out that you are pregnancy test positive? Are you worried about what supplements to take or what foods to consume during your pregnancy journey? Indeed, you do not have to worry anymore. However, it is no doubt that positive pregnancy news can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, considering the extra precautions that a going-to-be-mom has to take for the baby's healthy growth.

    Understanding The Nutritional Requirements During Pregnancy

    Today's main question is whether progesterone and Folic acid tablets are necessary for pregnant women or not. It is no doubt that good nutrition is quite beneficial, especially during your nine months of pregnancy. This will aid in the healthy development of your baby. However, sometimes, a mother may not be able to gain enough vitamins and minerals from food alone; thus, it may become important to consume supplements.

    Usually, not all women take folic acid supplements or progesterone tablets, although it is highly recommended to include these supplements in your routine. Yet again, these women may usually consume folate through leafy and green vegetables or even nuts.

    Besides, Progesterone is not exactly a compulsory requirement during your pregnancy journey. Ultimately, as you progress in your pregnancy journey, your placenta starts producing this hormone. However, many women still consider taking these tablets due to a common belief that progesterone may reduce the risk of miscarriages.

    For pregnant women, folic acid supplements are usually recommended. It may be beneficial for one to consume these supplements if they are planning to get or could get pregnant. However, when it comes to progesterone, many women usually opt for these tablets in the first few weeks of their pregnancy journey. This supplement is usually necessary for the placenta to make enough progesterone.

    Yet again, a woman wouldn’t exactly have a high risk of miscarriage if she chooses to skip this tablet. Thus, this is because, after seven weeks of pregnancy, the placenta starts producing progesterone. However, if you have got a faint positive pregnancy test, it may be recommended that you get in touch with your dietician.

    Benefits of Folic Acid Supplements And Progesterone Tablets

    Folic acid supplements and progesterone tablets can turn out to be very helpful in the first few weeks leading up to pregnancy. However, it is suggested that you take progesterone tablets in the first month of pregnancy.

    Folic acid is a vitamin B folate that is made artificially. It is usually added to a few food items or is usually available as supplements. If you believe you are getting pregnant or wish to get pregnant, a daily dose of folic acid under the permissible limit may be quite beneficial.

    One can also satisfy their folate requirements by consuming leafy vegetables, legumes, and nuts. Apart from that, this vitamin is soluble in water and can also get reduced when cooked. Therefore, if you have received a urine pregnancy test positive, you may have to take additional supplements apart from folic acid and progesterone!

    Permissible Amount Of Folic Acid

    If taken under permissible limits, folic acid may turn out to be quite safe. However, if you feel like you have ingested excess folic acid, you do not have to worry because the excess will come out through urine. Yet again, some women may develop minor side effects over prolonged usage. For example, one may experience distaste, nausea, or even confusion, and reduced levels of eating. Apart from that, one may also notice a disturbance in their usual sleep pattern.

    Yet again, you must get in touch with your doctor immediately if you face any of these allergic reactions to folic acid. A few of the allergic reactions include skin rashes, redness, and difficulty in breathing. In addition, it may be quite common to experience a positive pregnancy test at times but bleeding like a period. It may be quite likely that you have received a false pregnancy result in such situations. However, if you are still unsure, you can contact your gynaecologist.

    It is ideal for taking 400 micrograms of folic acid during pregnancy. You can start at least twelve weeks before you get pregnant. Then, consider continuing the supplements until the next three months of your pregnancy. You can purchase folic acid and progesterone supplements OTC from numerous pharmacies around.

    Why Folic Acid Is Extremely Important For Your Baby’s Growth

    Indeed, folic acid is extremely important for your baby’s overall growth. In women who aren’t trying out for a baby, folic acid helps make DNA. Apart from that, folic acid can help in the development of the nervous system as well as the neural tube, especially during the early stages of pregnancy.

    The first thing your baby will usually grow is a neural tube. This part may grow within six weeks of your pregnancy journey. For the development of neural tubes, folate may be an important supplement. Therefore, it is usually recommended that you consume lots of leafy vegetables and citrus fruits in your first weeks of pregnancy. Recent research has also shown that consuming folate supplements can significantly reduce the risk of spina Bifida or other birth effects by approximately 70%.

    Apart from that, it may also be important for you to make necessary changes in your diet. For example, consider consuming lots of green and leafy vegetables, oranges, avocados, and cereals. If you wish to learn more about what to eat during your pregnancy, you can consider contacting your dietician. However, you must talk to your dietician before starting on any supplement.


    Indeed, your pregnancy phase may turn out to be one of the most precious moments to cherish in your life. So don’t forget to make the most out of your journey, consider clicking pictures of your first pregnancy test positive result, or recording the reaction of your family members when you deliver the good news!

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