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    What is the Meaning of Baby Shower and in Which Month is Baby Shower Held?

    Written on 2 August 2022

    Expectant parents and their families who are curious about the meaning of a baby shower, in which month the baby shower is held, what to gift at a baby shower, and what to write to an unborn baby at a baby shower will find all their answers in this post. A baby shower is a universal celebration held before the newborn baby arrives. The mother is showered with blessings, good wishes, and gifts on this joyous occasion.

    A baby shower is known by many names — Godh Bharai, Stork Party, Diaper Party (for the dads-to-be), and Blessingway. A baby shower is an intimate gathering where the mother is pampered and showered with gifts that she would require after the birth of her child. A baby shower is an important and delightful milestone in a woman's pregnancy journey.

    When is a Baby Shower Held?

    Wondering which month the baby shower is done? While the month varies, it is usually held after the seventh month or at the end of the eighth month. This period is believed to be a safe phase for the mother and baby and, therefore, considered an ideal time for the baby shower.

    How to Plan a Baby Shower

    Traditionally, a baby shower is only organised for women. However, nowadays, would-be mothers and fathers prefer their close friends and relatives to be an integral part of the celebration. A baby shower can be made memorable by following the tips and etiquette listed below:

    • Think of a theme for the baby shower: Colour-based themes, such as a mix of pink and blue, sunshine yellow, or a bumble bee theme, can really brighten and enliven the space.

    • Add some fun with games: Games are excellent ways to involve the guests and have fun. 'Guess the baby food' and 'guess how big the mum’s belly is' are entertaining game options for a baby shower.

    • Exciting food options: Think of food items and cuisines based on the theme. Don't forget the cake! You can add a fun twist by selecting a theme cake, like a diaper cake or a cake depicting a crib, miniature shoes or baby clothes.

    What to Gift at a Baby Shower

    • There are numerous options if you are thinking of what to gift on baby shower. Utility gift items are the best, though. Baby clothes, diapers, crib, changing table, toys, books for the baby, pyjamas, diaper bag, and car seat are some options.

    • You could opt for gifts for the mother such as make-up, scented candles, books, and such.

    • You could also choose from baby essentials such as play mats, baby carriers, and strollers for gifting. Friends and relatives can pool in money to purchase more expensive gifts.

    How to Wish at a Baby Shower

    • You can write personal notes or one-line messages at a baby shower that exude warmth and love for the unborn baby. Welcoming the baby into the world with words of encouragement and excitement is apt for such an occasion.

    • Messages such as “Congratulations, soon-to-be-parents!" and "May the little one be blessed with good health and happiness always" can be written when wishing the would-be parents.

    • Funny notes such as “Remember this shower for it may be the last time you have peace,” or "Hope the little one does not change the meaning of 'late nights' for you" can be left for the parents-to-be. You could also offer words of support like “I am always here for your little one, and I cannot wait to meet him/her". Remember to avoid writing messages that are too personal or embarrassing in case the parents-to-be read them out as part of a traditional baby shower.

    • It is always lovely to leave supportive messages for the mother. These can range from general congratulations to messages wishing her an easy and comfortable delivery.

    Remember that 'when a baby shower is done' and 'what to gift on baby shower' ultimately depend on the personality and comfort of the mother. Her happiness and well-being are priorities when planning and conducting a baby shower. Love and warmth, good food, good wishes and gifts, and the presence of close family and friends will make the baby shower memorable.

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