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    An ultimate guide about health, growth, and care for a 7-weeks-old baby 

    Written on 7 November 2017

    While your little bean is getting to know the world around them; now, you are also getting accustomed to your little one’s schedule. You both are slowly learning new things together. As you officially have a 7 weeks old baby, we are here to answer everything your mind is puzzled over about your seven-week-old baby’s development, growth, care, and everything between-

    Physical, Cognitive, and Social Development

    Your gorgeous baby is spending a lot of time observing and absorbing the world around him. Now, the time has come to receive those smiles and gurgles when you talk to him. He may also start grabbing onto things all around them this week. Encourage them to lift their head when they are on their tummy.

    Growth Milestones

    By now, your baby has a more controlled eye movement. Holding his head up, looking from side to side, and doing mini push-up is all on its way. He can also track objects with his eyes and try to reach out with their arms. Don’t worry if your little one has not achieved it yet; babies reach milestones at different rates.

    Sleeping pattern

    Will you now be fortunate to get your eight hours of beauty sleep at night? The answer is that this dream will take some more time to get real at this stage. You may start to notice that your baby’s day naps are getting longer but less frequent. This means more sleep at night for both of you. A well-fed baby may have an uninterrupted sleep of 5-6 hours.

    Feeding schedule

    Your baby is now armed with better feeding skills. He is aware of how to suck and swallow more efficiently. Congratulations on developing a feeding pattern that suits his needs. As the baby is at a growing stage, your baby may require more frequent feeds now. Though it may take some time for your milk supply to adjust, it will happen naturally soon. No need to overfeed them as babies understand pretty well how much they should eat and when to stop.

    Caring tips

    • Make sure to meet your baby’s hunger need as he is growing at a faster pace now.

    • Daily tummy time is a must to develop his neck and back muscles.

    • Talk to your baby to comfort him and develop listening skills.

    • Burp your baby after every meal to prevent gastric problems.

    • Change your baby’s diaper regularly to avoid diaper rash and other infections.

    • Stick to a set feeding and sleeping schedule.

    • Do not miss the necessary check-ups and vaccinations required for your 7-weeks-old-baby.

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