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    Baby Care

    Are baby monitors safe or dangerous for your little ones? How to protect your baby from EMF Radiations? 

    Written on 7 November 2017

    Innovative technology plays a vital role in making our lives smooth and comfortable in today's fast-paced lifestyle; however, we always wonder that are these gadgets safe for our little ones? It is simply impossible to stay at one place gazing at your child for hours and not doing anything so you might think of bringing a wonderful addition to your home after your baby arrives at home i.e., Wireless Baby Monitor. You naturally become more skeptical when it comes to investing in a gadget that is especially for your little one. With this device, you can virtually be aware of your child’s movements 24x7. Babies need attention and you have plenty of things to do at home and office. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, a wireless baby monitor is a convenient tool for working parents. Without being physically present in their baby's room they can always stay connected with their baby and the caregiver with the help of a baby monitor. Different types of baby monitors and their features are as follows:

    • Basic- This device will let you listen to only the sounds of your baby.

    • 2 way- This device will transfer your voice to your baby’s room and vice versa.

    • Wireless- You can place this portable device in any corner of your house and can effortlessly track all the actions of your baby.

    • Video monitors- This device has the facility of seeing your baby on a screen in the form of a video.

    • Advanced- This device has the latest feature of sending an alarm to the parents if a child’s sleeping or breathing pattern gets interrupted.

    This product is simple to install and has its own highly reinforced security measures. Moreover, all the broadband suppliers provide high-security password-protected wi-fi which safeguards the device and its recorded data. If you are a newbie then wireless baby monitors can be extremely handy for you. This device helps you to become an omnipresent parent because you can always keep an eye on your child and can soothe your cranky baby by singing a lullaby with the help of built-in mics in the device. This device can give the contentment to the parents that their baby is sleeping safe and sound in his/her crib. You can connect this device with your smartphone and can enjoy viewing images and live feeds from anywhere. The pros and cons of the wireless baby monitors are as follows:


    • The unlimited range for monitoring along with a hassle-free internet connection

    • More convenient if you have a smartphone

    • More peace of mind

    • Night light feature and zoom in facility

    • Records the data

    • Crisp and clear images

    • Environmental sensors

    • Low battery indicator

    • Plays lullabies and rhymes from your playlists


    • Can be easily hacked if you do not have the right security settings

    • Slight delay in audio and video transmissions

    • Possibility of signal interception

    • Lacks pan and tilt feature

    Wireless baby monitors are a boon for a family who lives in a large house or if the couple has busy work schedules along with traveling. The safety and security of wireless baby monitors have always been questioned. Before placing any gadget or device in your baby’s bedroom you must ensure that it is kept at a certain distance level from the baby’s crib. Ensure that you do not avoid these pointers as well:

    • Make sure you invest in a secure device with DECT Standard (Digital electronic cordless telephones)

    • Always use a strong password and frequently change it

    • Make sure you are only sharing the password with the people you trust

    • Remember to update your software

    • Do not leave your device on when you are not using it

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