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    Physical Growth

    What to expect about the height/length of 6 months old? 

    Written on 7 November 2017

    What to expect about the height/length of 6 months old?

    Ideal height targets for 6 months old

    Parents’ genes have the biggest say to determine the baby’s height and health, hence it is slightly different for each child and there is a bracket of what you must expect in an ideal situation.

    What is the ideal height of a 6 months old?

    Most parents are curious to know and follow the height chart so they don’t fall short anywhere as long as the baby’s growth is concerned. The ideal height of a 6 months old must be about 61 to 71 cm / 24 to 28 inches

    • Ideal height for boys - 63.6 to 71.6 cm

    • Ideal height for girls- 61.2 to 69.46 cm

    Help boosting the height and overall growth of the baby

    By this age, there is hardly anything you can do to increase the baby’s height significantly but here are 5 vital bits of advice which can support the baby’s physical and mental development

    1. Be open to physical activities: Always be encouraging to it in the baby’s best capability to keep your baby dynamic, best is to use bright baby gyms. Make sure to give the baby the floor playing time for stronger limbs and making joints work well.

    1. Luring is the key: Just like everyone else, baby also gets bored of a routine so motivate by tempting him with new or interesting toys and games. Keep his favourite toys away and cheer him to go and grab the toy.

    1. Good diet: This is why breast milk is very important for kids and when it’s time to introduce the solids, make sure to serve the attention-grabbing and healthy variety of foods so the baby doesn’t skip the nutrition.

    1. Out-Door-Ing: Staying only inside due to weather conditions or reasons like that hinders your baby’s growth. Take him out regularly which gives more for physical attributes.

    1. Keep curiosity switched on: Showing your baby bright pictures or interesting objects will keep him curious that will in turn help him making efforts- only demand for development.

    As they say “A good foundation always helps to build a stronger structure” so you can start already to get a better result in the future.

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