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    10 Most recommended birthday gifts for pregnant women that are extremely useful

    Written on 2 August 2022

    We all know how to pamper our friends on their birthdays. Be it a dress, accessory, holiday tickets, or anything symbolic, we plan their birthday gifts days to ensure that the present is memorable for them. But what if your best friend was pregnant? What would you gift her? While you can still buy her accessories and dresses, here is a list of the 10 best gifts for pregnant women to make their pregnancy memorable and smoother.

    1. Pregnancy pillow

    As women grow in the stages of pregnancy, their belly puts pressure on the hip, back, and knees. And a pregnancy pillow helps soothe the aches and helps them sleep in a safe position. The pillow supports the body significantly and will be of great use, especially during the second and third trimesters. Once you give her this birthday gift for pregnant women, she will thank you every day throughout her pregnancy. Buy a U-shaped pillow to support the back and front.

    2. Bath pillow

    Gift an expecting mother a bath pillow, and she will bless you! It simply makes the relaxation time even better. It is a small way to show that you care for her and want her to have quality time.

    3. Maternity support belt

    A maternity support belt is one of the best gifts a pregnant woman can receive on her birthday. As she progresses in the stages of pregnancy, her growing belly weighs down, putting pressure on the knees and back. A maternity support belt gently lifts her belly to relieve stress. Also, its memory foam pads add extra support while lying down. This belt can be worn during everyday activities like working, exercising, shopping or relaxing. The straps are adjustable and can be changed according to the size of one's belly.

    4. Baby sonogram picture frame

    Surprise the expecting mother with the baby's first photograph, and she will remember it forever. It's a sweet gift that she'll cherish. You may gift her one photo or a collage. The to-be mother is going to thank you for this heartfelt gift.

    5. Chocolate box

    A box of chocolates can never go wrong as a gift. During pregnancy, women often crave sweets, and nothing gets better than having a chocolate box. Also, be sure about the filling that the mother-to-be like. While shopping, you may come across options like slivered almonds, roasted cashews, raisins, pistachios, and more.

    6. Maternity skincare set

    Maternity time also means a lot of changes to the skin and bodily appearance. So you may present maternity skincare set to the mommy-to-be as a birthday gift. It should primarily include tummy butter that soothes and relaxes the tummy area. The second product in this set is the stretch marks serum that helps reduce stretch marks gradually. A massage lotion will be a lovely addition to this set. She may use it for foot and body massage. Another product that you may include to complete the set is a hair strengthening oil.

    7. Foot massager

    Swollen limbs are pretty common among women during the third trimester. Gifting your pregnant friend a foot massager is an excellent idea as it will help ease the pain. The massager will also help her relax and make her feel calm at the end of the day.

    8. Cotton midi dress

    Just like diet, the wardrobe of a pregnant woman also changes. As all her favourite clothes will not fit her, she will appreciate and be grateful if you gift her a comfortable cotton midi dress. Don't forget to buy it in her favourite colour and prints. And who knows, maybe she will wear it for her baby shower too!

    9. Comfortable slippers

    Comfort is what women look for when they are pregnant. As their body begins to change, they are mostly unable to use the things they earlier did, but it will be great if you make it a little easy for her. A comfortable pair of slippers will ease her out.

    10. Hospital bag

    A hospital bag can be a thoughtful birthday gift for a pregnant birthday girl. It is one of the essential accessories in which all the post-pregnancy essentials are packed. It also contains things required for the baby. You can get her a spacious bag where all the mommy and baby's things can fit together.

    While these are some standard birthday gifts for pregnant women that we recommend, you can customise each gift depending on their likes and ensure that their pregnancy journey is joyful and memorable.


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